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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 141)

This skill imparts a knowledge of artisan techniques in such fields as woodworking, leatherwork, glassblowing, or gem cutting. With crafts, your character can create lasting pieces of art and functional objects from various materials. The quality of these products depends on the number of successes achieved on the roll. A character should specialize when she reaches the expert level in this skill, if she hasn't already chosen her field.

Possessed by: Artists, Craftsmen, Designers, Inventors.
Specialties: Carpentry, Leatherworking, Pottery, Sculpture, Woodcarving, Sewing.

· Novice: You know the basics and can make something that works.
·· Practiced: You can add a personal touch to your creations.
··· Competent: You are respected among other artisans.
···· Expert: You create items of lasting and increasing value.
····· Master: You are a Michelangelo in your field.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 141)

The drive skill represents your character's ability to operate motor vehicles, though it does not mean that she is familiar with all land vehicles. The storyteller may raise or lower difficulty numbers based on your character's experience with that particular type of vehicle. It also implies that your character has earned a driver's license, although this need not necessarily be the case. At higher levels, you can attempt to avoid someone who's tailing you ( if you know they're there ), and it allows you to attempt some stunts.

Possessed by: Bus drivers, Chauffeurs, Cops, Drug runners, Taxi drivers, Truckers.
Specialties: Curves, Evasion, Speed, Stunts, Sudden Stops, Traffic.

· Novice: You can drive an automatic car.
·· Practiced: You can operate a manual/shift transmission.
··· Competent: You are a professional trucker or chauffeur.
···· Expert: You are a race car driver.
····· Master: You are a professional stunt driver.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 141)

In social and courtly situations, etiquette can go a long way toward keeping your character in the good graces of those around her. It describes how mannered your character is and how well she fits in at court, among her peers and at social functions. It is used during such actions as properly addressing a baron, approaching a redcap without insulting him, and eating with the correct fork at the charity dinner.

Possessed by: Courtesans, Diplomats, Executives, Idle rich, Nobles, Dilettantes.
Specialties: Business, High Society, Particular Kith ( Eshu, Sidhe, etc. ), Seelie Court, Unseelie Court.

· Novice: You know when to shut up.
·· Practiced: You fit in well most of the time.
··· Competent: You rarely make a faux pas.
···· Expert: The social graces come naturally to you.
····· Master: You could take tea with High King David in the afternoon and bar hop with the redcaps the same evening without missing a beat.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 142)

Skill in firearms means that you have a broad knowledge of all guns, from a simple .22 to an Ingram Mac-10 submachine gun. It does not include the ability to operate heavy artillery. Firearms includes the ability to care for and repair guns.

Possessed by: Cops, Criminals, Detectives, Gang members, Hunters.
Specialties: Fast Reload, Machine Guns, Pistols, Quick Draw, Rifles.

· Novice: Relatively able, you have had a few lessons.
·· Practiced: You are an amateur enthusiast who practices regularly.
··· Competent: You win skeet-shooting and target competitions.
···· Expert: You are a professional, cool and steady.
····· Master: You are an expert marksman.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 142)

This skill represents your character's ability to organize and lead others. It describes to what extent she is a natural-born leader as well as her knack for emitting an aura of authority. It expresses a combination of natural ability and a command of those qualities most often assigned to leaders: confident, assertive and decisive.

Possessed by: Cops, Executives, Gang leaders, Military officers, Nobles, Coaches.
Specialties: Commands, Dictatorial, Friendly, Military, Noble, Oration.

· Novice: You can lead small groups.
·· Practiced: You are a dominant, take-charge kind of person.
··· Competent: You can lead a diverse group.
···· Expert: A born leader, you attract followers without trying.
····· Master: You are a leader of nations with a broad level of influence.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 142)

The ability to fight with a weapon is valuable in the World of Darkness. Proficiency in this skill allows your character to use hand-held weapons. Examples of such weapons include knives, sai, saps, tonfa and swords. While melee seems archaic in mortal society due to the prevalence of firearms, wielding most chimerical weaponry requires some expertise in it.

Possessed by: Cops, Fencers, Martial artists, Knights, Nobles, Thugs.
Specialties: Axe, Club, Disarming, Knives, Rapiers, Swords, Quarter Staff, Found Weapon ( frying pan, broken bottle, etc. )

· Novice: You know the basics but your trainers can still put you down.
·· Practiced: You have military or knight's training.
··· Competent: You can slash and parry with the best of them.
···· Expert: You make a worthy oppoonent; trolls are grudgingly impressed.
····· Master: You are a deadly opponent; dragons live in fear.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 142)

The performance skill covers a broad range of artistic expression from acting to storytelling. It assumes that your character has the basic knowledge necessary and a certain talent in the field she has chosen. As well as defining your character's expertise and creative talent, this skill also represents her ability to captivate an audience and her stage presence, two relatively nebulous qualities. It assumes that some knowledge about the technical side of the society of your character's chosen field. Characters who take this skill should specialize when they reach expert level.

Possessed by: Actors, Comedians, Mimes, Musicians, Storytellers, Vocalists.
Specialties: Acting, Enchant Audience, Evoke Emotion, Instrument ( specify ), Storytelling, Voice.

· Novice: An amateur, you still get a little nervous in the spotlight.
·· Practiced: A natural crowd-pleaser, you can retain an audience's attention.
··· Competent: You know how to work an audience.
···· Expert: You are a world renowned artist.
····· Master: You could be the next Elvis, Mozart, or Clark Gable.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 142)

With the security skill, your character has a proficiency with the tools and techniques for lock-picking, hot-wiring cars, designing and deactivating burglar alarms, and opening safes. It can be used to conduct criminal activities or, on the other side of the coin, to prevent and investigate breeches of security. The more dots your character has in this skill, the more sophisticated the systems with which she is familiar.

Possessed by: Cops, Criminals, Detectives, Locksmiths, Security specialists.
Specialties: Design, Electronics, Fast, Hot Wiring, Safe Cracking.

· Novice: You can handle simple locksmithing.
·· Practiced: You know how to hot-wire a car.
··· Competent: You can disable or design effective house alarms.
···· Expert: A safe cracker, you can outwit laser security and cameras.
····· Master: Fort Knox was unbreachable...
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pp. 142-143)

Stealth is the ability to sneak about or hide without being noticed. Certain situational modifiers may be applied by the storyteller and is often rolled versus a difficulty number equal to the perception rating of the person that isn't supposed to notice.

Possessed by: Assassins, Criminals, Hunters, Reporters, Spies.
Specialties: City, In Crowds, Follow, Hide, Wilderness.

· Novice: You can hide in the dark.
·· Practiced: You can hide in the shadows.
··· Competent: You can walk silenty on carpet.
···· Expert: You can walk silently on dry leaves.
····· Master: You can camouflage yourself anywhere.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 143)

This skill describes your character's proficiency at surviving in an unfamiliar or dangerous environments. Inherent in it are the abilities to find shelter, scavenge or hunt food, and protect oneself from native predators and threats. It also encompasses tracing and finding safe passage through the area. The character should specialize at four dots in this trait.

Possessed by: Explorers, Hunters, Park rangers, Tribesmen, Warriors.
Specialties: Arctic, City, Forest, Hunting, Jungle, Scavenging, Tracking.

· Novice: A good Boy Scout, you can survive a five mile hike.
·· Practiced: You can use odd materials from the environment.
··· Competent: You acclimate quickly to your surroundings.
···· Expert: You are at home in nearly all environments.
····· Master: You never break a sweat or go hungry.
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