Secondary Skills

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(Player's Guide, pg. 39)

You're a trained tumbler and acrobat able to perform feats of agility far beyond the capabilities of an untrained character. For each success with this Skill, a character can ignore one health level of falling damage. This Skill may be paired with Dexterity to roll for leaps and other acrobatic feats. For the Shinmae, this ability includes some contortions at its higher levels.

Possessed by: Professional Athletes, Jocks, Martial Artists, Dancers
Specialties: Sport, Marital Arts, Dance, Enchanced Jumping/Falling

· Novice: Grade school gym class.
·· Practiced: High school jock.
··· Competent: College team.
···· Expert: State champion.
····· Master: Olympic gold medalist.
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Animal Ken
(Player's Guide, pg. 39)

Animals don't behave in the same manner as intelligent beings, even under similar circumstances. The ability to understand the actions of animals can be quite useful. If you're skilled in Animal Ken, you not only can predict the actions of animals, but you can also use your knowledge to calm or enrage them. Animal Ken is also used to train animals.

Posessed by: Farmers, Park Rangers, Animal Handlers, Zoo Keepers, Nature Lovers, Circus Trainers, Dog Handlers
Specialties: Dogs, Cats, Horses, Animal Husbandry, Wild Animals, Chimerical Beasts

· Novice: Spot and fluffy will let you pet them.
·· Practiced: You can house train a puppy.
··· Competent: You could train a seeing eye dog.
···· Expert: You could train circus animals.
····· Master: You could domesticate a wild animal.
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(Player's Guide, pp. 39-40)

 You know how to fire a bow, and may be able to do so with great proficiency. This includes target shooting, hunting and shooting at moving human targets.

Possessed by: Beginning Zen Archers, Competitors, Hobby Enthusiasts, Hunters, Medieval Recreationists
Specialties:Arched Flight, Crossbows, Forests, Hunting, Kyudo Technique, Moving Targets, Primitive Archery, Target

· Novice: High school gym pratice.
·· Practiced: Forest bow hunter.
··· Competent: Medieval ranger.
···· Expert: Will usually hit a bull's eye.
····· Master: Robin Hood
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(Player's Guide, pg. 40)

You're skilled in the working of iron, and can make objects from iron and steel. This includes the crafting of armor and weapons.

Possessed by: Armorers, Artisans, Blacksmiths, Swordsmiths
Specialties: Armormaking, Blademaking, Cast Iron, Pattern-Welding, Wrought Iron

· Novice: You can make a horseshoe.
·· Practiced: You can make wrought-iron and mild-steel objects.
··· Competent: You can make different grades of steel and cast iron to industrial standards.
···· Expert: You an pattern-weld different grades of iron and steel to make a complex object such as a steel blade.
····· Master: You can make a blade equal to any Japanese sword, or any other iron or steel object you please.
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Blind Fighting
(Player's Guide, pg. 40)

Even when unable to see your foes, you can use your Brawl or Melee Abilities with a reduced penalty or no penalty. This Skill may also be of great use out of combat. It should be noted that this Skill doesn't grant any actual ability to see better in darkness. For each dot the character has in this Skill, reduce the difficulty of performing actions while blind by one. Naturally, the difficulty can never be reduced below its unhindered equivalent.

Possessed by: Assassins, Masters of Zen Archery, Ninja, Spelunkers
Specialties: Dodging, Dueling, Indoors, Multiple Foes, Punching

· Novice: You can't stub your toe in the dark.
·· Practiced: You can pinpoint the direction from which sounds came.
··· Competent: You can fight and predict your enemies locations at the same time.
···· Expert:Youcan almost 'feel' where your opponents are.
····· Master: You possess an almost mystical sense - Zen and the Art of Spatial Awareness.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 40)

You're skilled in the manufacture of alcohol and alcoholic beverages. You're familiar with the equipment used in brewing and distilling, and can maintain, operate, and repair such equipment.

Possessed by: Hobbyists, Vinters, Boggans, Satyrs
Specialties: Wine, Beer, Spirits, Industrial Alcohol, Mead

· Novice: Brew-kit user; the beer foams, and the wine doesn't turn to vinegar.
·· Practiced: Home-wine maker ; the partygoers will drink it.
··· Competent: Moonshiner; your friends appreciate your gifts.
···· Expert: Commercial wine maker; the satyrs sing your praises.
····· Master: Chateau of repute; your drinks are served at the High King's table.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 40)

You can change your appearance through a mixture of clothing, makeup, and movement, rendering you difficult to spot in a variety of different surroundings. This isn't the ability to look like someone else, but simply to hide.

Posessed by: Assassins, Hunters, Military Personnel, Poachers, Spies.
Specialties: Arctic, Mountains, Open Country, Urban, Woods

· Novice: Boy Scout.
·· Practiced: Infantry trooper.
··· Competent: Marine.
···· Expert: Special Forces.
····· Master: Ninja.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 40)

You're a competent woodworker, able to craft a variety of objects from wood.

Possessed by: Boggans, Carpenters, Furniture Makers, Handymen, Nockers
Specialties: Construction, Furniture, Repairs

· Novice: Amateur handyman.
·· Practiced: Professional handyman.
··· Competent: Professional carpenter.
···· Expert: Forman or joiner and cabinetmaker.
····· Master: You could have your own TV show.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 41)

You can climb mountains and/or walls and seldom have any fear of falling. The technical skills of chimneying, spike-setting, and rappelling are all well-known to you, although depending on your skill, you may be good or indifferent at them. remember, mountain climbing at night is far more difficult than a daylight climb unless you can see in the dark.

Possessed by: Mountineers, Burglars, Enthusiasts
Specialties: Buildings, Cliffs, Free-Climbing, Hiking, Ice, Rappelling

· Novice: You can scale gentle slopes or walls with handholds.
·· Practiced: You go on mountaineering vacations. You can climb heavily weathered stone or brick walls.
··· Competent: You work as a mountaineering instructor. You can climb moderately rough stone and brick walls.
···· Expert: You've done at least a couple of famous peaks. You can free-climb a fairly smooth stone or brick wall.
····· Master: Mount Everest and K2 are mild hikes. You could free-climb the World Trade Center.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 41)

You know how to prepare a variety of meals and present them in an appealing manner. Cooking is a matter of pride among many boggans.

Possessed by:Boggans, Chefs, Gourmets, Housewives Or Husbands, Stewards
Specialties: French, Indian, Chinese, Cajun, Chow, Indian, Bread, Desserts, Pastries

· Novice: You don't burn the cookies.
·· Practiced: You have a number of specialties.
··· Competent: You could be a professional chef.
···· Expert: You could publish a cookbook.
····· Master: You could have your own TV show, or become a shef for the finest restaurants.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 41)  

You're a proficient dancer, and may perform socially or for the entertainment of others. You're familiar with most varieties of dance, but specialize in one particular style.

Possessed by: Ballet Dancers, Broadway Musical Choristers, Enthusiasts, Music Video Dancers, Pop Stars, Socialites
Specialties:Ballet, Ballroom, Disco, Ecstatic, Ethnic, Foxtrot, Latin, Modern, Show, Tribal, Two-Step, Waltz

· Novice: You can manage a waltz at a wedding.
·· Practiced: You draw envious glances at weddings. You could perform on the local amateur stage.
··· Competent: You are the talk of the ball. You could perform on the local professional stage.
···· Expert: People ask you to teach them. You could perform on TV.
····· Master: Nijinsky, Fonteyn, Nureyev, Baryshnnikov, Astaire, Rogers, Kelly - and you.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 38)

You can change your appearance -- and even make yourself look like another specific person -- through the use of clothes and makeup.

Possessed by: Actors, Con Artists, Criminals, Spies, Undercover Cops
Specialties: Conceal Identity, Specific Person, Type Of Person

· Novice: Good enough to fool someone who knows neither you nor the person you're impersonating.
·· Practiced: Good enough to fool some of the people some of the time.
··· Competent: Good enough to fool some of the people most of the time.
···· Expert: Good enough to fool most of the people most of the time.
····· Master: Good enough to fool those nearest and dearest to you most of the time.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 41)

You're skilled in various techniques that enable you to escape from bonds and restraints. This Skill is often used for entertainment, but can also be useful in real life.

Possessed by: Amateurs, Entertainers, Pulp Detectives, Special Forces, Spies
Specialties: Arm Locks And Holds, Boxes, Handcuffs, Locks, Magic Tricks, Ropes, Showmanship, Underwater

· Novice: Children's party entetainer; can escape from loose or poorly-tied bonds.
·· Practiced: Amateur entertainer; can escape from fairly well-tied bonds.
··· Competent: Professional Entertainer; can escape from handcuffs and chains.
···· Expert: Star; can escape from a straitjacket.
····· Master: Legend; Houdini and you.
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(Player's Guide, pp. 41-42)
Falconry has become increasingly popular among the sidhe nobility, using both real and chimerical falcons.

Possessed by: Courtiers, Professional Falconers, Sidhe Nobles
Specialties: Display, Exotic Birds, History, Hunting

· Novice: The bird comes back - sometimes.
·· Practiced: You can do small displays at Renaissance fairs.
··· Competent: You perform many professional exhibitions.
···· Expert: You are respected among the nobility for your skill.
····· Master: You could be among the High King's entourage.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 42)

This Skill allows you to make a weapon ready almost instantly. By rolling Dexterity + Fast-Draw and getting three successes, you can draw a weapon and have it ready for use just as if it had been in your hand all along. The difficulty depends on how securely stowed the weapon was -- a gun hidden in your underwear is harder to reach than one in a belt holster. This Skill can be used with any weapon. When appropriate, the Fast-Draw score can be added to your Initiative roll.

Possessed by: Cops, Gunfighters, Knife-Fighters, Knights, Martial Artists, Special Forces, Vigilantes
Specialties: Arrow, Knife, Pistol, Rifle/Shotgun, Sword

· Novice: You have good reflexes.
·· Practiced: You're good, but not great.
··· Competent: You could have lasted a little while in the Old West. You could work at Wild West shows. You are known among those who follow duels.
···· Expert: Pretty fast. Your enemies are wary of your speed in drawing your ebony blade.
····· Master: Greased lightning. you might have been able to take down Billy the Kid.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 42)

This Skill allows you to convince someone of something using a sincere expression and an avalanche of words rather than reasoned debate and logic. It's a surprisingly effective technique, provided that the mark has no time to think and doesn't have a Wits rating of 4 or more. The Storyteller should carefully judge whether this Skill is appropriate in a given situation, or whether it would be better to use some other Ability.

Possessed by: Con Artists, Politicians, Pooka, Salesmen, Televangelists
Specialties: Confuse, Convince, Get-Off-The-Hook, Sell

· Novice: Vacuum-cleaner salesman.
·· Practiced: Used-car salesman.
··· Competent: Professional con artist.
···· Expert: Teflon-coated politician
····· Master: You could sell sand to the Saudis.
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First Aid
(Player's Guide, pg. 43)

This Skill allows a character to give basic medical attention to another character. It's not as comprehensive an Ability as the Medicine Knowledge, but it does allow for a basic grasp of all the practices of first aid, and, at higher levels, techniques known to paramedics.

Possessed by: Boggans, Boy Scouts, Explorers, Mother, Outdoor Types, Paramedics
Specialties: Artificial Respiration. Broken Bones, CPR, Diagnosis, Patch-Up, Terminology

· Novice: Mother of small children.
·· Practiced: Boy Scout.
··· Competent: Office safety representitive.
···· Expert: School nurse.
····· Master: Paramedic.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 43)

You're adept at one or more games of chance, and can play without too much risk of losing heavily. You can also increase your chances of winning without actually cheating.

Possessed by:  Amateur Gamblers, Professional Gamblers
Specialties: Card Games, Dice, One-Armed Bandits

· Novice: Saturday night poker with the boys.
·· Practiced: A couple of weeks in Vegas each year.
··· Competent: You are known in Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City.
···· Expert: You make a living from this. Your mother despairs.
····· Master: You have to be careful not to tell people your name.
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Game Playing
(Player's Guide, pg. 43)

This Skill covers games of strategy and skill such as chess, go, xiang qui, hnefatafl, and so on. It doesn't cover card games (see Gambling), or simple games like tic-tac-toe, which rely largely on luck. Human chess games, in which enchanted humans are ordered to move about on a large board, are quite popular among the nobility (especially the Unseelie Court).

Possessed by: Enthusiasts, Nobility
Specialties: 3D Chess, Chess, Go, Mah Jong, Risk

· Novice: You can beat your older sister.
·· Practiced: You could get on a school team.
··· Competent: You could get on a college team.
···· Expert: You can beat most computers.
····· Master: You are one of the masters.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 43)

You can repair firearms and produce ammunition for a variety of different guns. At high levels of skill, you can construct specialty ammunition, such as caseless, hollow-point, mercury-tipped, or silver bullets. Given the time and the tools (and enough skill), you can build a gun from scratch -- perhaps even one of your own design.

Possessed by: Gun Nuts, Survivalists, Cops, Serial Killers, Nocker Weaponsmiths
Specialties: Black Powder Weapons, Field Repair, Invention, Magnum and Supercharged Ammunition, Specialty Ammunition

· Novice: Black powder and paper cartridges.
·· Practiced: Cased standard ammunition.
··· Competent: Magnum rounds.
···· Expert: Caseless and hollow-point rounds.
····· Master: You name it.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 43)

You're skilled at finding and killing animals for food or sport. In familiar terrain, you're able to predict the type, number, and likely location of food animals and know the best ways to find and kill them.

Possessed by: Survivalists, Military Personnel, Pre-Industrial Societies, Outdoor Types
Specialties: Temperate Forest, Jungle, Bush/Scrub, Mountain, Coast, Arctic, Desert

· Novice: Weekender.
·· Practiced: Enthusiast or Trooper.
··· Competent: Survivalist or Marine.
···· Expert: Special Forces.
····· Master: You give pointers to werewolves.
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(Player's Guide, pp. 43-44)

You can place a subject into a trance and use hypnotism to gather information or treat psychiatric problems. To place a willing subject into a trance, make an opposed roll of your Charisma + Hypnotism against the subject's Intelligence. For an unwilling subject who's immobilized to comply, use Intelligence + Willpower. The number of successes indicates the depth of the trance and can be added to your Hypnotism to roll for the success of tasks. For example, a hypnotist with Charisma 4 and Hypnotism 4 hypnotizes a willing subject with Intelligence 5. The hypnotist rolls five successes and the subject rolls 2 -- a total of three successes in the hypnotist's favor, indicating a fairly deep trance. The hypnotist can now roll seven dice (three successes plus four dice from Hypnotism 4) to probe the subject's mind.

Possessed by:Entertainers, Holistic Healers, New-Agers, Police Specialists, Psychiatrists
Specialties: Behavior Modification, Hypnotherapy, Interrogation, Past-Life Regression

· Novice:You do it to entertain occasionally.
·· Practiced: You are a skilled amateur.
··· Competent: You can find some interesting secrets; you can do this as part of your profession.
···· Expert: You can dig very deep.
····· Master: You can discover secrets from a subject's Past Lives.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 44)

You're able to produce salable pieces of jewelry as well as appraise jewelry. You can determine the approximate value of most jewelry by quick appraisal, but it's easy to make a mistake without in-depth examination.

Possessed by: Counterfeiters, Jewelers, Nocker Craftspeople, Pawn Shop Owners
Specialties: Antique, Appraisal, Crystal, Gems, Gold, Silver

· Novice: You can tell diamonds from emeralds.
·· Practiced: You can make simple pieces of jewelry.
··· Competent: You can craft delicate works.
···· Expert: Your words are widely sought.
····· Master: Cartier, Tiffany, Faberge - and you.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 44)

You're able to produce serviceable items of leather, either for sale or for your own use.

Possessed by: Artisans, Armorsmiths, Boggans, Survivalists
Specialties: Armor, Clothing, Riding Tack, Utensils

· Novice: You work from craft kits.
·· Practiced: You make gifts for friends.
··· Competent: You sell your wares at local stores.
···· Expert: People ask for your work by name.
····· Master: Your picture appears in magazine ads.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 44)

You're able to open locks without the correct keys or right combinations. Though this Skill is certainly becoming more and more obsolete with all the new security devices in use, there are enough locks still around to make it worthwhile.

Possessed by:Burglars, Court Spies, Locksmiths, Safecrackers
Specialties: Alarm Systems, Combination Locks, Key-Operated Locks, Mag-Card Locks

· Novice: Simple mortise locks.
·· Practiced: Cylinder locks and basic security locks.
··· Competent: Advanced security locks.
···· Expert: Safes.
····· Master: Fort Knox.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 44)

You're a jack-of-all-trades with a particular affinity for mechanical devices, and can jerry-rig or repair just about anything mechanical, given the right tools and materials.

Possessed by: Car Nuts, Hobbyists, Inventors, Mechanics, Nockers
Specialties: Cars, Electrical, Inventions

· Novice: You can fix a broken doorknob.
·· Practiced: You can fix a lawnmower.
··· Competent: You can fix a car.
···· Expert: You can fix a high-performance car or rebuild an engine.
····· Master: You can fix, build or improve almost anything.
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(Kithbook: Nocker pg. 55)

Nockers have made their living beneath the earth since time immemorial. With a hammer and pick-axe in hand, you can tunnel through mundane or chimerical rock at an amazing speed. You can cut a knocker-sized tunnel through almost any substance (at the rate of one meter per hour for each success achieved on a Dexterity + Mining roll). The difficulty of mining varies depending on the substance's hardness (anything from 4 for clay to 10 to the hardest rock). You also know how to buttress your tunnels to prevent them from collapsing, and how to extract precious metals and gems from rock without damaging them. You're also highly adept at moving through low tunnels, and can use this Skill to determine direction underground. Knockers with this Skill are even familiar with the kith's rich reserves of mining lore. Most knockers have at least some familiarity with mining, even if they don't possess this Skill, and look askance at their fellows who have never dirtied their hands in a mine.

Possessed by: Miners, Nockers, Redcaps
Specialties: Hard Rock, Mine Lore, Precious Metals, Precious Stones

· Novice: You can find your way around your own freehold.
·· Practiced: You're learning but still become lost in strange tunnels.
··· Competent: You're well-trained and capable of making your own way underground.
···· Expert: There's rock dust in your veins. You can dig a tunnel through anything, given time.
····· Master: One of the greatest practitioners of the craft. You believe you could tunnel your way back to Arcadia.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 44)

You're able to remove objects from someone else's clothing or body without the person's knowledge, even I the object in question is inside a pocket.

Possessed by: Petty Thieves, Vagabonds, Gentleman Theives, Childling Pooka
Specialties: Pockets, Watches, Purses, Jewelry

· Novice: You can slip a dagger from a sheath.
·· Practiced: You can take the coins from inside a purse.
··· Competent: You can remove the entire purse.
···· Expert: You can remove a necklace from a princess.
····· Master: You can steal a ring from the High King's finger.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 44)

You can operate a flying machine. Note that your skill limits the types of aircraft you can fly. A glider pilot (one dot) can't fly a helicopter (requiring four dots).

Possessed by: Enthusiasts, Pilots, Military, Police
Specialties: Autogyros, Balloons, Blimps, Commercial/Transport Jets, Corporate Jets, Dogfights, Fighter Jets, Gliders, Hang Gliders, Helicopters, Light Planes, Long Distances, Microlights, Night Flying, Takeoffs And Landings, Thermals, Vintage Planes

· Novice: Club member; hang gliders only.
·· Practiced: Club champion; gliders and small aircraft only.
··· Competent: Professional or club instructor; commercial pilot's license.
···· Expert: Military or display pilot; helicopter or any type of commercial aircraft.
····· Master: Top Gun.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 45)

You're skilled in diagnosing and treating mental ailments without resorting to the use of behavior-altering drugs. During a session of analysis, you may roll Intelligence + Psychoanalysis (difficulty of the subject's Intelligence + 3). Keep track of your net successes; the Storyteller will decide how many successes are necessary to remedy an illness. Even Freud couldn't cure people in a single session, so be patient! Note that it's possible to treat an unwilling patient this way, although the difficulty of so doing is equal to the subject's Willpower + 3.

Possessed by: Clergy, Counselors, Good Listeners, Holistic Healers, Parents, Psychoanalysts, Teachers
Specialties: Childhood, Eriksonian, Freudian, Holistic, Humanist, Jungian, Neurosis, Psychosis, Research, Self, Sympathy, Terminology, Wiccan

· Novice: A shoulder to cry on.
·· Practiced: Volunteer counselor.
··· Competent: Professional counselor.
···· Expert: Qualified psychoanalyst.
····· Master: Freud.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 45)

You can climb onto a riding animal and stand a good chance of getting where you want to go without falling off, being thrown or having anything else unpleasant happen to you. When attempting something difficult, or when danger threatens the Storyteller may require a Dexterity + Ride roll to avoid trouble. This Skill can also be combined with Mental Attributes to reflect your working knowledge of the relevant trappings and equipment.

Possessed by: Enthusiasts, Cowboys, Stunt Riders, Pre-Industrial Societies
Specialties: Bareback, Horse, Mule, Camel, Elephant, Galloping, Tricks, No Hands, Chimerical Beasts

· Novice: Pony club member; dude ranch vacations.
·· Practiced: Pony club champion; weekend cowboy.
··· Competent: Pony club instructor; professional cowboy.
···· Expert: Showjumping champion; rodeo star.
····· Master: Stunt rider.
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(Player's Guide, pp. 45-46)

You can sing over a wide range and use a variety of styles and techniques. Singing is an extremely lucrative and popular Skill in the modern age. Though most singers are amateurs, some make enormous amounts of money.

Possessed by: Drunks, Opera Singers, Pop Stars, Rock Musicians, Toubadours
Specialties: Opera, Pop, Ritual, Rock, Musicals

· Novice: You stand out when the family gathers around the piano.
·· Practiced: You could get lead roles with local amateur societies or become a lead singer for a garage band.
··· Competent: You could get a choral part on the professional stage or get a recording contract.
···· Expert: You could get a lead on Broadway or a record on the charts.
····· Master: They'll be playing you CDs 20 years from now.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 46)

The quickness of your hands can deceive the eyes of others. You can perform magic tricks and other feats of legerdemain.

Possessed by: Stage Magicians, Thieves, Court Magicians, Tricksters
Specialties: Produce Item, Conceal Item

· Novice: You perform card tricks for friends.
·· Practiced: You could perform at children's parties.
··· Competent: You could be a court magician.
···· Expert: You could be on TV.
····· Master: You are a legend in your own time.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 46)

You're skilled in the art of telling a story in an entertaining manner, whether for pastime or profit. People enjoy listening to you, and you have a gift for using words in an evocative manner for an appreciative crowd.

Possessed by: Troubadours, Eshu, Bards, Trevelers, Storytellers, Jesters, Heralds, Grumps
Specialties: Ballads, Epics, Folk Tales, Anecdotes, Jokes

· Novice: You remember the punchlines to jokes and can relate anecdotes.
·· Practiced: Typical campfire and urban legend fare, but you're always asked for them.

Competent: You're frequently asked to tell stories and some people even leave tips.

···· Expert: You're in demand and have entertained large crowds.
····· Master: You can keep an audience spellbound for as long as your voice holds out.
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(Player's Guide, pp. 46-47)

You can keep yourself afloat at the very least. Normal swimming speed is eight yards (plus Dexterity) a turn. A swimmer can increase his speed to 12 yards (plus Dexterity) if he's doing nothing else that turn. With Swimming, a character can try to swim faster than normal; roll Stamina + Swimming, difficulty 7, and add three yards to your swimming speed per success (one roll per turn).

Possessed by: Athletes, Lifeguards, Scuba Divers, and almost anyone else
Specialties: Racing, Distance, Sea, Survival, Lifesaving

· Novice: You can swim.
·· Practiced: You can swim fast, or for extended periods.
··· Competent: Instructor/Lifeguard.
···· Expert: Swim team.
····· Master: Olympic gold.
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Temporal Sense
(Nobles: The Shining Host pg. 74)

You have a natural affinity for the quirky, timeless existence of the sidhe. Time may flow backward, speed up, or slow down, but you're able to maintain your equilibrium. This is a predominantly passive Skill, allowing coexistence with, but not control over, the various idiosyncrasies of fae time. This Skill is especially important to the sidhe and to fae who wield the Chronos Art.

Possessed by: Crystal Circle Members, Chronologists, Sidhe
Specialties: Chronos, Conversational Timing, Melee, Trod Time

· Novice: You usually keep appointments.
·· Practiced: You can keep time to music.
··· Competent: You don't need a watch.
···· Expert: You have an internal chronometer.
····· Master: Time is your slave.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 47)

You know how to throw things in general, and are familiar with many specific thrown weapons, from spears, knives, and hatchets to baseballs, footballs (yes, if thrown hard enough, both make fine weapons) and the traditional boulders.

Possessed by: Athletes, Hobbyists, Warriors
Specialties: By Weapon, Hunting, Moving Targets, Target

· Novice: You usually hit the dart board.
·· Practiced: High school pitcher.
··· Competent: You are the neighborhood master of snowball fights.
···· Expert: Regional darts champion, you have your choice of prizes at the carnival.
····· Master: Greg Maddux.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 47)

You know how to inflict pain. Your ability is so precise as to be a science. You're capable of interrogating prisoners through torture and prolonging their suffering, keeping them barely alive.

Possessed by: Members of the Shadow Court, Military Interrogators, Prison Guards, Unseelie Redcaps
Specialties: Exotic Methods, Flagellation, Pain, Prolonging Life

· Novice: You know how to hurt people in different ways.
·· Practiced: You're good at causing extreme pain and can keep someone alive for interrogation purposes.
··· Competent: You're equal to a military torturer. You can create extremes of pain that most people have never experienced.
···· Expert: You're an equal to a professional torturer. You're able to get almost any information you want out of your subject.
····· Master: You're an artist, a virtuoso of pain and suffering.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 47)

You can identify the trail of an animal or person and follow it under most conditions. The difficulty of such a feat varies according to the conditions -- following fresh tracks in deep snow is easier than following week-old tracks across a concrete sidewalk.

Possessed by: Hunters, Survivalists, Special Forces, Detectives
Specialties: Wolf, Deer, Rock, Urban, Identification

· Novice: Boy Scout.
·· Practiced: Eagle Scout.
··· Competent: Hunter.
···· Expert: Native American guide.
····· Master: You have contests with werewolves - and occaisonally win.
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(Player's Guide, pg. 47)

You know how to set various types of traps according to the type of game you want to catch.

Possessed by: Trappers, Special Forces, Inhibitants of Remote Places
Specialties: Specific species, Deadfalls, Pits

· Novice: Boy Scout.
·· Practiced: Weekend survivalist.
··· Competent: Outdoorsman.
···· Expert: Mountain man.
····· Master: "Well done! And I thought dragons were extinct..."
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