Hunter Merits/Flaws
(Taken from the H:tR Players Guide)


Approachable (1pt.) There's something very inviting and nonthreatening about you. People find you very easy to start a conversation with. Even distrustful creatures tend to put aside their instinctive wariness of mortals in regard to you. Reduce the difficulty of any Empathy rolls involving other people or hunters by two, and by one when human-seeming monsters are concerned.

Early Adopter (1pt.) "Wow! Look at that new palmtop computer. I just gotta have one." You want to have the latest gadgets and technology. It's a drain on your cash, and your apartment is cluttered with some neat technology that never made it, but you have a solid sense on how to use the latest gadgets. You quickly understand and use most new consumer-level technology. Not only that, but you have a great collection of stuff that can be useful on the hunt. Add two dice to any Technology roll when trying to figure out how to use an unfamiliar device.

Funny (1pt.) You can make people laugh. Your timing and sense of the absurd are second to none. You're always being invited to parties because you're so much fun. However, you're also very good at judging the appropriateness of your humor. Sometimes, the right joke can lift the spirits of people when everything seems to be going against them. So, you do what you can to make life more bearable for your fellow Imbued, even when the situation seems darkest. Lower the difficulty of any Social roll intended to boost morale by two.

Good Listener (1pt.) You're very interested in people, you enjoy hearing what they have to say and you're prepared to hear them out without interrupting their opinion with your on. Others can sense this and open up to you without really meaning to. The difficulty of all apparently friendly Social rolls that involve people talking to your character are reduced by two.

Good Taste (1pt.) You have a knack for choosing the right food from the menu, telling the right anecdotes and giving the right presents. You've seen the right films for discussion in cultured company, and you wouldn't know who starred in Dumb and Dumber, let alone have the first clue about the plot. Your taste makes forging social contacts among similar folk much easier, whatever your origins. Lower the difficulty of any Social roll intended to gain acceptance or to impress a like-minded gathering by two.

Gossip (1pt.) You're an incurable gossip, and other gossips recognize a kindred spirit in you. You're more than happy to spend hours shooting the breeze with others, all the while discussing the minutiae of other people's lives. Surprising how much information you can pick up that way, isn't it? Lower the difficulty of any Interrogation rolls made in a social situation, without bullying or intimidation, by two.

Lovestruck (1pt.) You've fallen for someone and the feeling is reciprocated. The world seems a better place. Colors are brighter, music is more enchanting and the hunt seems less desperate. Even the slightest success boosts your confidence. Unlike Hunter Book:Judge's Soulmate Background, this love may be a transitory thing. If you don't maintain the relationship, you may lost this Merit at the Storyteller's discretion. Even if it lasts, you don't feel the same deep connection as with Soulmate. Regain two Willpower instead of one when you wake up each morning.

Media Junkie (1pt.) TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, films - you love them all and can't get enough. You're a voracious consumer of pop culture and are always up on the latest movies, music, and current affairs. Lower any difficulty of any Social or Research roll that involves pop culture by two.

Natural Leader (1pt.) You've been gifted with a certain bearing and personality that naturally make people defer your opinion or orders. You receive two extra dice on Leadership rolls. You must have a Charisma of 3 or greater to purchase this Merit.

Natural Politician (1pt.) You're right at home among the devious minds of the political words. Whether it's the cut and thrust of office jockeying or the showboating of regional politics, you know how to get what you want. You receive two extra dice on Manipulation rolls in social situations that involve an element of politics, such as an office meeting or a gun-club gathering. You must have a Manipulation of 3 or more to have this merit. Politics and Bureaucracy Abilities have no bearing on application of this merit because it represents raw talent, not the knowledge gained through long experience.

Punctual (1pt.) You're a master of the virtually lost art of arriving on time. If you have a meeting at 10 AM, you're sitting in the reception area at 9:59. If you have an 8 PM dinner date with your beloved, you'll be in the restaurant at 8 on the dot. Barring deliberate interference in your plans, you almost always manage things so you turn up on time. If makes you a great organizer, assuming your allies come through for you.

Smooth (1pt.) You might have come from the wrong side of the tracks. You probably don't have a clue which fork to use when eating out. But none of that matters. You present yourself with such an easy grace and carefree attitude that people forgive you most errors. They might not like you much, but they enjoy your company so thoroughly that you're rougher edges are quickly forgiven and forgotten. Lower the difficulty of any Manipulation roll by two.

Way With Words (1pt.) Language is a finely honed tool for you. Not a blunt instrument. You are able to create exactly the effect you want by choosing your words carefully, in both written and verbal communication. Gain two dice on any Expression roll that involves words.

Best Friend
(2pt.) You have the good fortune to have a best buddy. He stands with you through thick and thin. You've shared jokes, tragedies and all the highs and lows of life over the years, which has forged a bond between you that some married couples never achieve. Perhaps you were at school or worked together. Although you are not able to share the details of your new life with your friend, you can rely on him to back you up to the best of his abilities and not ask too many difficult questions. A best friend is closer to you and more committed to helping you than an Ally (see the Background of the same name, Hunter, p. 119), but demands far more in return. He goes that extra mile to get you out of trouble, whereas an Ally wouldn't. But, remember, your best friend counts on you to do the same for him - if not more.

Enchanting Voice (2pt.) You have the most captivating voice. There's a quality to it that makes people unable to ignore it. If you whisper seductive words into someone's ear, his heart melts. If you demand that someone do something, he springs into action at your behest. The difficulty of all rolls involving the use of your voice to persuade, seduce, charm or order is reduced by two.

Fashion Sense (2pt.) Your character doesn't just dress well, he has an innate sense of what sort of clothes suit a particular occasion. This isn't a case of slavishly following the latest trends from the hottest designers. It's a matter of knowing when to dress smart and when to be casual, and having the know-how to carry it off on a limited budget. Deduct one from the difficulty of Social rolls in situations in which dressing appropriately is important, such as a business meeting, chatting in a club or attending and invitation-only function.

Flirt (2pt.) You claim you're a terrible flirt, but that quite manifestly isn't true. You're great at it. You're an absolute master of all the subtle signals that give off the particular combination of promise and denial that makes teasing so much fun. At your best, you can make members of the opposite sex, or members of the same sex, putty in your hands. Add two dice to all social rolls in such circumstances.

Good Judge of Character (2pt.) You have an instinct for reading people. You can make an appraisal of what kind of person someone is after meeting her for a few seconds, based on little more than gut instinct. You're rarely wrong. Decrease the difficulty of any Perception roll based on assessing a person or human-seeming monster by two.

Great Liar (2pt.) Lying comes naturally to you. Even the most involved deception sounds like God's own truth when it comes tripping off your own honeyed tongue. Gain two dice on any Social roll that involves lying to or deceiving another person or monster.

Laid-back Friends (2pt.) Everyone needs pals. You've got a particularly good bunch. They're pretty cool about when they get to see you; they're not uptight if you're not in contact for a while. They're also great at not interfering with your life. Sure, you've gone through some changes as of late, but that's your choice. They'll be there if you want to talk or need help, but they'll otherwise stay out of your hair. If these guys are also your Allies (see Hunter, p. 119), they'll also help you without asking too many difficult questions. Hey, your life, your business, right?

People Person (2pt.) You're a social animal. You just like being around others. Hell, they like being around you. Your open and gregarious nature makes people warm up to you quickly. The difficulty of any social roll used to create a good impression is decreased by two.

Pillar of the Community (2pt.) You're a fine, upstanding person, respected by people around you. Through participation in local events, helping out with your community groups or helping others, you've become well-liked and trusted by those who live around you. When you bring them a warning of potential danger or offer an explanation of strange events, they're likely to believe you. You may even be able to call upon their aid in a pinch. You may not get it, however. The Roots background from Hunter Book: Innocent represents that sort of deep, committed relationship to a community. They upside is that this merit does not carry the same obligation to the community that the background does.

Seasoned Traveler (2 to 4pt.) You've visited different places on your own, and you know how to fit in. You don't hit town expecting everyone to think and behave the way you do. With the 2-point version, you're adept at finding accommodation, supplies, and local help wherever you go in your home country. With the 4-point version, the same applies to foreign countries. You might not speak the language of the place well, or at all, but you know how to go about obtaining things and learning about the local culture without offending the natives, through a combination of prior research and general street smarts.

Socially Aware
(2pt.) Social interplay is an open book to you. You're the first to spot the hidden relationships between people, after only a few minutes of observation. Subtle clues like body language and position, voice tone and choice of words speak volumes to you about the underlying connections between people. Gain two dice on any Perception roll involving interaction between other people and/or human-seeming monsters.

Trivia Champ (2pt.) Where do you get this stuff? Whether it's through plenty of reading, too much TV or just an eclectic bunch of friends, you have the oddest collection of facts stored away in your skull. Once in a while, at the Storyteller's discretion, one of them turns out to be just the piece of information your fellow hunters need. you might not be actually very bright, but the sheer amount of knowledge you've picked up makes you appear that way. This merit doesn't confer knowledge of the enemy or the occult, beyond what is likely to be known in common culture (and may well be dangerously wrong).

Upright Citizen (2pt.) Up until the moment of your imbuing, you were a model citizen. There's never been even a whiff of scandal about you. Your working life has been good, without being extraordinary. Your friends would be hard-pressed to come up with any embarrassing secrets about you, and even your ex-lovers are complimentary about you most of the time. You just don't have any dirty secrets to come back and haunt you, and people who know you have a hard time believing anything bad about you.

Vibrant Neighborhood (2pt.) You live in part of the city where everything goes, and does so most of the time. The streets are fairly busy late at night and the inhabitants are up to all sorts of strange things, legal and not-so-legal. Whenever anything odd happens, people tend to dismiss it as just another part of the daily routine.

Corporate Savvy (3pt.)You've been a warrior on the cubicle battlefields for a long time, and you know how the corporate mind works. You understand the dynamics of money, business, information and power that make up companies, and you can manipulate them for your own ends to a limited degree. Add two dice to any roll involving manipulating a corporate structure or corporate employee.

Media Savvy (3pt.) There's a knack to dealing with the media, and you have it. You've learned what journalists want, and you do your best to provide it in a way that best suits you. You can create, suppress, and redirect stories with a fair amount of effectiveness, just by the spin you put on them. Most of the time, you try to set up situations so the media reads them the way you want, say by making a hit on a monster look like drug-related violence. Add two dice to any social rolls in which you deal with journalists or news organizations.

Supportive Family (3pt.) Sure, you're acting strange. There's something going on that you can't or won't tell them about, but it's important to you. That much is clear. But, they're your family, they love you and they'll be there for you. They're sure you'll getting around to telling them the whole truth sooner or later. Until then, they choose to trust you. Unless you have also taken your kin under the Allies background, your family won't go out of the way to help you. They just don't ask the questions that you can't answer.

Lucky (4pt.) You were born lucky. Since you were a kid, things have worked out your way. Maybe you took a job with a small firm before the business went through the roof, leading to your rapid promotion. Or the one time you were dumped, the guy you had your eye on also split up and the two of you hooked up within weeks. Once per chapter (game session), the Storyteller may decrease the difficulty of any critical roll you make by two. If you succeed, it's because of some random factor makes things easier for you.
You cannot start the game with both this merit and the Fool's Luck Innocence edge. If you gain the edge during the course of the game, you may spend your four freebie points on other Merits that develop during the chronicle.

Acute Sense (1pt.) One of your senses, be it sight, smell, taste, touch or hearing is exceptionally keen. The difficulty of any roll involving this sense is decreased by two.

Good Right/Left Hook (1pt.) The power of your punch belies your modest frame. Maybe you were a boxer for a while, or perhaps you've just been in a lot of fights. No matter the reason, people tend to fall over when you hit them. Add two dice to your damage roll for any Brawl-based attack.

Hollow Leg (1pt.) You can drink like a fish. The amount of alcohol you can put away during a binge is truly phenomenal. What's more aggravating to your buddies is how little you suffer for it. Anyone who gets into a drinking contest with you quickly regrets it. Halve any penalties you suffer for consuming alcohol.

Light Sleeper (1pt.) Although you sleep well, you are awakened quickly by a commotion. Any disturbance, from a poltergeist tossing objects around your room or at cat getting amorous on a neighboring rooftop awakens you immediately. Unlike possessing the Vigilance edge (Hunter Book:Judge), or the Endurance Trait (Hunter Book: Defender), you still need eight hours of sleep to function properly. You just wake up more easily than most.

Natural Runner (1pt.) You've enjoyed running ever since you were a kid. Whereas most people wheeze and complain about exercising, running has always been an absolute pleasure to you. As a result, you can run like the wind when the situation demands it. Your Dexterity counts as one point higher than it actually is for purposes of determining Movement rates.

Perfect Balance (1pt.) Your sense of balance is superb. The narrowest of ledges holds little fear for you, because you have such a good command of your physical equilibrium. You're probably a good dancer, too. This merit allows you to reduce the difficulty of all balance-related rolls by two.

Robust Health (1pt.) You have the constitution of an ox. You rarely get ill, if ever, and food poisoning is a stranger to you. You don't even get hangovers, you bastard. Reduce the difficulty to resist illness or poisoning - including alcohol poisoning - by two.

Sea Legs (1pt.) No landlubber, you're a salty sea dog at heart. You're at home on a boat, even when traveling through rough seas. You suffer no penalty due to rough seas or unpredictable sea motion on any actions performed while on board.

Bundle of Energy (2pt.) You are full of energy. You subsist on five or six hours' sleep a nigh, you find yourself unable to stay in bed any longer. Your days are full of physical activity, and you can work long into the night without penalty. You cannot have this Merit and the Endurance trait (Hunter Book: Defender). If you develop the Vigilance edge (Hunter Book:Judge) through play, you must cash this merit in for two freebie points.

Cat Napper (2pt.) Although you need six to eight hours' sleep per night, you don't need it all at once. You catch your Z's as and when you can. As long as your naps total six to eight hours in a 24-hour period - and they usually do unless you're forcibly denied naps - you can function as normal.

Forgettable (2pt.) It's not that you're ugly. It's just that, well, people's eyes tend to slide over you. You're of average height and build, unremarkable looks and run-of-the-mill dress. People have problems remembering your appearance after they meet you, unless you have talked with them for a long time. Certainly, people won't be able to give a useful description of you if they only see you briefly. You must have an appearance of 2 or 3 and a Charisma no higher than 3 to take this merit. If either of those Attributes moves outside it's assigned range during play, you lose this Merit. Unlike Hunter Book:Innocent's Everyman Background, this Merit applies solely to your physical appearance. You might have a dreadful credit rating, a police file as thick as the phone book and a sexual history that would make a porn star blush, but people on the street just don't remember you.

Good Night Vision (2pt.) Maybe you spent a lot of time camping. Maybe you're just a fisherman who's used to getting up before dawn. For whatever reason, your night vision is excellent. The difficulty of Perception rolls at night is increased by two.

Sexy (2pt.) You are one sexy mutha. You might not necessarily be good looking, but there's something about the way you move and act that exudes sexuality. As a result, you draw attention from members of the opposite sex, or your own sex, with raw animal magnetism. You may lower the difficulty of any social roll by two when dealing with someone who is attracted to you. If you actively attempt to direct your charms at a person, you may lower the difficulty by 3.

Daredevil (3pt.) You love taking risks, and the adrenaline rush you get helps you succeed at stunts. Whether, you're moving from a moving train or taking on a rot of face-to-face combat, you live for danger. When attempting any dangerous action, you can add three dice to your roll and ignore one botch die that results. In general, the action attempted must be at least difficulty 8 and have the potential to do three health levels of lethal damage or six levels of bashing damage if you fail. The Storyteller is the final arbiter of when this Merit applies, and he cay impose a cap of one hair-raising feat per game session.

Huge Size (3pt.) You're one big individual. You're stand almost seven feet tall and weigh 300 pounds or more, making your physical presence hard to ignore. Because of your sheer bulk, you gain an extra bruised health level. Your Storyteller may also award you bonuses for attempts to push objects, break down doors, or resist being knocked down.

Common Sense (1pt.) You've been gifted with practical, everyday wisdom that allows you to avoid making stupid, obvious mistakes. Whenever you're about to act in a way that's contrary to common sense, the Storyteller can make a suggestion as to the likely outcome of the action, possibly warning you away from it. Unlike Hunter's Intuition Ability, this Merit doesn't allow you to make good guesses, nor does it offer you any particular insight. It just helps you avoid doing really, really dumb things.

Concentration (1pt.) You're rather good at shutting out distractions and focusing on the task at hand. You're unaffected by disturbances - such as screaming kids, loud noises, hanging upside down or DJs playing really terrible music - when you focus on a particular action.

Good Map Reader (1pt.) You're the Holy Grail of drivers everywhere: someone who can read a map well. Whether you're using an old map and a road atlas to locate a bloodsucker's nest, or you're navigating the New York subways with a street atlas, you can find your way to where you need to be.

Fast Reader (1pt.)You can read and understand a piece of writing far faster than most people. Although it can make long journeys by train or plain expensive propositions for the number of books and magazines you go through, it allows you to quickly extract useful information from anything written in your native language.

Good Recognition (1pt.) You are great at remembering the names of people you've encountered, and places you've been. You can call to mind the name of someone you met briefly at a party three years ago, while you were a bit drunk, as clearly as if you'd only met them yesterday. You can also remember the streets you staggered along on your way home. You're even good at remembering the names of people mentioned in newspaper stories and broadcast reports, and locations glimpsed in still photographs or TV.

Healthy Skepticism (1pt.) You are good at separating truth from fiction, and someone has to be up pretty damn early to catch you off guard. You rarely take what people say at face value, until you're able to check the details yourself. This Merit also allows you to reduce the difficulty of any roll to perceive a lie by two. It should be roleplayed as much as possible.

Religious Devotion (1 to 3pt.) Your character has a strong belief in a particular religious doctrine, the intensity of which is reflected in the merit rating you choose. This belief gives your hunter strength, comfort and calm at trying times. His devotion grants 1 to 3 additional Willpower points when he's tested, when he must perform a challenging task, or when he needs confidence to succeed at an action. Your character probably prays or asks for guidance or depends on his own trust in a Supreme Being during these moments. You then have a separate pool of Willpower points that you may draw upon for the remainder of the scene.
These points must be spent in efforts that support or affirm your character's devotion, such as saving another person's life, lifting an obstructing object or controlling his own fear. They cannot be squandered on selfish acts or petty efforts. In essence, if a point is used to perform an act that runs counter to the teachings or values of your character's faith, perhaps to save himself or to lash out in unjustified anger, he has probably misapplied his devotion. You and the Storyteller must agree on what are appropriate circumstances in which you may spend your bonus Willpower points.
When points are squandered or used in appropriately, your character may have strayed from his faith. For major transgressions, he might lose his sense of self and connection to his Creator, temporarily or even permanently. Your characters loses this merit and possibly even additional points of his Willpower rating. Subtle transgressions, such as cursing your Creator for the injustices of the world and doubting your faith as a result, deny your character access to a point of more of his Religious Devotion until he pays emotional penance or reconciles his beliefs.
In general, Religious Devotion can be called on once per chapter (game session). It may be summoned more frequently under particularly demanding or appropriate circumstances - say to save a person's life or to put your character directly in harm's way - but the Storyteller must consent.

Time Sense (1pt.) You have an almost uncanny sense of time. You can estimate the amount of time that has passed, and the approximate time of day, without using a clock or any other means of measuring time.

Code of Honor (2pt.)You have a personal code of ethics to which you adhere strictly. This code may be related to your creed or not. There's no reason an Innocent can't have a code of honor that dictates she seek retribution for any direct harm done to her friends. You should work out the details of your code with the Storyteller before play begins. You gain two additional dice to all Willpower rolls when accomplishing a major feat in accordance to your code.

Determined (2pt.) You're one tenacious bastard, determined to go your own way. It can be really difficult for people to persuade you otherwise. Gain two dice in any resisted roll in which someone tries to persuade you do to something. This Merit also applies to resist supernatural tricks that have mind-control effects if you do not have conviction active. You might also have the Stubborn flaw.

Eidetic Memory (2pt.) You have perfect recall. As a result, you can remember things you've seen, heard, or read in perfect detail. Entire conversations, documents, or pictures can be committed to memory with minor concentration. Should you attempt a feat under stressful conditions - for example, trying to memorize a long list of names while three rots pound at the door - you must make a Perception + Alertness roll, difficulty 6, to summon enough concentration to finish the job (unless you also have the Concentration Merit, which allows you to commit information to memory flawlessly).

Internet Savvy (2pt.) The Internet is becoming increasingly commonplace, but it is far from universal. Many users never progress beyond basic email/simple surprising to "sites whose address you know" stage. Characters with this Merit are adept at using the Internet in all it's vast, rambling confusion. You can track down and use mailing lists, research obscure weapons and maybe even pick up a clue about monsters online.

Natural Linguist (2pt.) You have a gift for other languages, reading and speaking them with the fluency of a native. When you learn a language, reflected by increases in your Linguistics Ability, you learn it in more depth and with greater fluency than do most others. You may add three dice to any roll involving reading, writing, or speaking a language you know, barring your native tongue (presumably, you use that language almost flawlessly).

Fast Learner (3pt.) You learn the basics of a subject very quickly indeed. You can cram simple information about virtually any subject into your head with speed and ease. You take the normal time to develop a deeper knowledge, of course, but you start getting the hang of things very quickly. The cost to gain a new ability is one experience point instead of three. Costs for higher levels are normal, however.

Natural Aptitude (3pt.) You have a particular Ability at which you excel. You're just a natural, or you've studied it so extensively that the Ability comes easily to you. You pay few than normal experience points to gain dots in the Ability. Each level is achieved as if it were the one below. The first point of the ability only costs one experience point to gain if you learn it after play begins. You also gain one extra die on any roll involving that Ability.

Unflappable (3pt.) You are a naturally placid person and take most things in stride. You were almost hit by a car? That was close. Your wife has left you? Ah, well. Although you have emotions as others do, you don't let them affect you to the same degree. You gain two extra dice on any Willpower roll that involves staying calm or not overreacting to mundane experiences - those within your pre-imbuing bounds of comprehension. This Merit differs from the Steel Nerves Background (see Hunter Book:Judge) in that it doesn't make you resistant to supernatural or horrific experiences. It simply helps you to cope with the plausible and unfortunate of everyday life. You might have witnessed dead bodies before, and can deal with seeing them now, but seeing a dead body that's partially devoured is probably devoid your previous experience.

Direction Sense (4pt.) You have an innate sense of where you are and the distance you've traveled. You can make a good guess of which way is north, even without clues like position of the sun. You rarely get lost and can estimate the distance between two points pretty well. You may even be able to navigate your way through London's subway systems. Maybe.

Optimistic (4pt.) Despite the horrors you've experienced since the imbuing, you have retained a basically positive outlook on life. Even when things go wrong, you face each day with hope that things will get better. Regain two Willpower when you wake up each morning, rather than the usual one.

Specialist Driver's License (1pt.) Your driving repertoire extends far beyond the SUV or sports car. You're qualified to drive trucks, farm vehicles or some other specialized form of transportation.

Dual Nationality (2pt.) Thanks to being born to parents of different countries, you have a dual nationality. You may even have two passports. This makes it easy for you to operate in two different places, and even hide out in another country if things get too hot in your normal place of residence.

Firearms License (2pt.) The effect of this merit depends on the country in which your game is set. In places such as the UK, it indicates that you are allowed to carry weapons. Without this merit, possession of a firearm is illegal. In countries where you have the right to bear arms, it indicates that you have a license to carry unusual or powerful firearms such as automatic weapons.

Alimony Recipient (1 to 3pt.) Your marriage has failed, but at least that cheating asshole has to pay you. The level of the merit you buy indicates the number of Resources points you can have (that must be purchased separately) for which you don't have to work. Your rating also suggests how wealthy your ex was, or how badly he was beaten in court. Chances are you have the Children Flaw, too.

Bargain Hound
(1pt.) You have a knack for getting things cheaply. Sometimes you get the goods you need in sales. Sometimes you get them through wholesalers. Sometimes, you just hunt around until you get a bargain. However you do it, the difficulty of any Resources roll you make is decreased by two.

Independent Income (1 to 5pt.) Through hard work, heredity or phenomenal good work, your Resources rating is an independent income for which you don't have to work. The level of Merit you buy indicates how many dots of Resources (which must be purchased separately) you have that do not require you to work.

Good Credit Rating (2pt.) You've always had a reasonable income, paid your debts on time and built up enough financial security to keep the most cynical banker happy. You have access to a decent amount of credit as a result. You must have 3 or more Resources to purchase this Merit.

Wealthy Partner (2pt.) Your other half is pulling in a fortune, at least by your earning standards, and happy to be the breadwinner. With someone else covering the bills and living expenses, you can get away with a part-time job that allows you to pursue the hunt.

Flexible Job (3pt.) Your job allows you to a flexible schedule or allows you to travel a lot. Or perhaps your effectively your own boss, with no one monitoring your activities. However you do it, you earn your Resources rating through a job that doesn't significantly restrict your hunting abilities.

Paid Mortgage
(3pt.) Your house is your own. You've finished paying the bank, so mortgage installments are no longer an issue. Nor is repossession a threat. Even if your hunting costs you your job, you have a roof over your head.



Bad Liar (1pt.) You have tremendous trouble lying. The spontaneous excuses that you come up with are usually unbelievably elaborate or easily refuted with the bare modicum of research. While telling a prefabricated lie, you stutter, stammer, blush or generally look guilty. Increase he difficulty of any roll that involves verbal deception by two.

Balding (1pt.) You barely have any hair left on your head, whether it's due to old age or cruel genes. You are relatively easy to pick out in crowds, and you have problems making a good impression on others, especially in romantic situations. Increase the difficulty of any Ability rolls involved in a seduction attempt by one.

Bully (1pt.) You tend to push people around when you can get away with it. This aggression doesn't necessarily require a physical display; it is often purely social. You chafe under the leadership of more forceful personalities and can be malcontent when you aren't in charge.

Children (1pt.) You have children for whom you are the primary emotional, social, and economic provider. You take a lot of joy in your kids and pride yourself on being a good parent. Unfortunately, the hunt gets in the way of parenting. If you go more than three days without seeing your kids because of work or activities related to your calling, you feel tremendous guilty. Until you see your kids, you cease to regain a point of Willpower after a night of rest.

Chronically Late (1pt.) You're always running behind schedule. If you agree to meet someone at a particular time, you must make a successful Willpower roll (difficulty 6) to arrive on time. Failure means you arrive between fifteen and thirty minutes late. A botch means you show up an hour late or not at all.

Chronic Pessimist (1pt.) You think the glass is half-empty, that the water in the glass is contaminated, and that the glass will probably tip over any second. Others practice pessimism out of habit. For you, it's an art form. Nothing can ever go right, especially plans that others propose. You are the implacable voice of gloom and doom, always ready to point out a potential problem no matter how remote a chance it has of coming to pass. Add two to the difficulty of you Leadership rolls.

Chronically Shy (1pt.) You become very nervous and ill at ease when dealing with strangers in social situations. You often go out of your way to avoid meeting new people. Increase the difficulty of all Social rolls involving strangers by two.

Clannish Family (1pt.) Your family is loving and supportive as anyone else's. They don't take kindly to strangers, however. Your relatives either disapprove of your friends or they like to keep favors within the family. Your kin don't do anything that directly or indirectly helps anyone apart from their own.

Collaborator (1pt.) Sometime in the recent past, you have allied with one monster or more to take down a more powerful creature or learn some insight into the ways of night creatures. Or the hunter word-of-mouth circuit reports doing so, either legitimately or not. Either way, word has spread through the local hunter community or farther, and many conservative imbued mistrust you.

Crude (1pt.) You never learned any manners while growing up. You talk with your mouth full, burp loudly and slurp your soup. When interacting with others in any refined or formal environment, increase the difficulty of any Social rolls by two.

Cultural Snob
(1pt.) You have nothing but disdain for popular music, TV and movies. You couldn't name any of the current top-10 songs, and you think that knowledge of TV is a sign of poor taste and incorrigible stupidity. Unfortunately, this means you have a hard time relating to people who aren't equally snobbish with things. When dealing with strangers who don't share your allegedly enlightened views, increase the difficulty of any Social rolls by two.

Defensive (1pt.) You have problems taking responsibility for your actions. Perhaps you view yourself as a perfectionist, or maybe you're simply too immature to accept the blame for failure. When things go wrong, you look for ways to blame others and rarely accept blame or criticism for your actions without contention.

Eccentric Appearance (1pt.) You dye your hair pink, wear clothes that are fashionable only among fringe subcultures such as goths or punks, and otherwise appear nothing like the average citizen. When dealing with people not familiar with your particular subculture, increase the difficulty of any Social rolls by two. Your appearance unnerves mainstream people and makes them wary of you. Furthermore, your appearance is eye-catching, though people tend to focus on your attire rather than your actual physical characteristics, such as eye color.

Gambling Addict (1pt.) You are addicted to wagering money on games of chance. A sizable chunk of your income goes toward sustaining your habit, and even when you win you inevitably gamble your winnings away. You're too much of an addict to walk away with a profit over any extended period of time. Increase the difficulty of any resources rolls you attempt by two.

Ghoulish Sense of Humor (1pt.) You find humor in situations that make most people uncomfortable or even nauseated. Your questionable taste doesn't make you particularly resistant to the horror of gruesome sights. Your defense mechanism is simply to belittle the situation or those involved in an inappropriate way. When confronted with a horribly gory scene or otherwise uncomfortable situation such as people trying to console each other, you tend to crack jokes and sling insults. The difficulty of any Social roll you make under such circumstances is increased by two.

Icy Demeanor (1pt.) You're uncomfortable relating to people on an emotional level, which is reflected in your mannerisms and speech. You clam up, seek escape or avoid eye contact. Increase the difficulty of any Empathy rolls made toward you by two, as people have trouble identifying with you.

Ignorant (1pt.) You tend to miss common cultural references that others take for granted, such as the knowing that the Statue of Liberty is in New York City. You're not necessarily dumb or uneducated; a cloistered college researcher could just as easily dive so deeply into his field of study that he dismisses anything outside it. You do tend to give people the impression that you're slow and uneducated, however.

Impractical Dresser (1pt.) You tend to dress with an eye toward impressing others rather than personal comfort. Unless you explicitly state that you dress appropriately for physical activity, you wear high heels, tight jeans or something else that hampers physical activity. Increase the difficulty of Athletics or Dodge rolls by two when you wear such clothes.

Insensitive (1pt.) You have problems understanding how to gauge other's emotional reactions. You can be rather blunt in handling delicate matters, and you often find yourself apologizing without really understanding what you're done to offend someone. Add two to the difficulty of any Empathy rolls you attempt.

Intolerant Neighbors (1pt.) Your neighborhood is exceptionally placid and people like it that way. Any odd noises or disturbances coming from your place invariably cause someone to call the police.

Misinformed (1pt.) You uphold some odd belief, such as a conspiracy theory or UFO visitation, that flies in the face of accepted science or conventional wisdom. You tend to incorporate this misinformation into your worldview. Whenever you test a Knowledge that in some way relates to your belief, increase the difficulty by two. This penalty kicks in when you roll a failure. It represents your tendency to come up with off-the-wall answers that others see as obviously incorrect.

Mistaken Identity (1pt.) You have a striking resemblance to a notorious figure. This person could be someone known to the hunter underground, such as a particularly feared rot or a radical hunter, or you simply look like an infamous media star. While most people can quickly figure out that you aren't who they think you are, hotheads might not think twice before confronting you.

Needy Friends (1pt.) Your friends and other non-imbued social contacts have a pattern of falling into bad situations and turning to you for help. You're the bedrock of their lives. Whether what they need is bail money or advice on dealing with a significant other, they look to you. If you have the Allies Background, this effect is magnified even more, at the Storyteller's discretion.

No Internet Access (1pt.) You lack an email address, web access and perhaps so much as a computer. You're unable to keep up with developments on hunter-net, assuming you even know it exists. You must do your research through non-digital outlets such as libraries or old-fashioned legwork.

No Phone (1pt.) You do not have a regular phone number through which you can be contacted. You are very hard to get in touch with on short notice and are difficult to track down. It's hard for you to keep in touch with your fellow hunters, and you must rely on face-to-face meetings for planning and to arrange subsequent meetings.

Nonconfrontational (1pt.) You have a hard time bringing up difficult subjects with others. You're willing to make a lot of sacrifices to avoid interpersonal confrontations. You let people have their way simply to avoid fights, and often you step into arguments and attempt to end them without any thought about the outcome of the discussion, as long as it ends. You have a hard time coping with pushy people and find yourself making a lot of compromises that you later wish you hadn't. Add two to the difficulty of any roll that involves debating or arguing with someone who is normally friendly with you.

Poor Dental Health (1pt.) Your teeth are very obviously in need of is serious work. They jut out at weird angles and in some way have fallen out. When interacting with others in superficial social settings such as a nightclub or a bar, increase the difficulty of any Social roll by two.

Poor Online Demeanor (1pt.) You have discovered hunter-net or another online community of hunters but managed to antagonize many posters thanks to unnecessary flames or rude behavior. When dealing with a hunter familiar with that mailing list, increase the difficulty of all Social rolls by two.

Poor Personal Hygiene (1pt.) You often go days without showering, and brush your teeth only when they start to get a greenish tinge. You often smell quite bad, and your breath is atrociously offensive. Add two to the difficulty of any die roll that involves interacting face-to-face with others.

Poor Taste (1pt.) You wallow in bathroom humor, lowbrow jokes, and other practices that make more refined people uncomfortable. You've seen movies like Dumb and Dumber dozens of times, and don't plan on giving them up any time soon. Your sense of humor makes you an instant pariah in any reasonably cultured company, and you can't help but let your true colors shine through in even short-term social contacts. Add two to the difficulty of any Social roll that involves people who might like your brand of humor.

Shadowy Past (1pt.) You aren't proud of your life before the imbuing, and if word ever got out, your fellow hunters might abandon you. Perhaps you ran a kiddie-porn ring, dealt drugs or were involved with organized crime.

Socially Oblivious (1pt.) You have trouble picking up subtle hints from others. You often overstay your welcome at parties, and you tend to blurt out topics that everyone else takes great pains to avoid in conversation. You aren't a socially repellent person, just occasionally tactless. Add two to the difficulty of any Etiquette rolls you attempt.

Speech Impediment (1pt.) You stutter, stammer or otherwise have trouble speaking clearly. Increase the difficulty of any roll involving oral communication by two.

Stubborn (1pt.) Once your mind is made up, there's no changing it. You cling to your beliefs the way a pit bull does a leg, and you're about as pleasantly comported when others challenge you. You hate to be proved wrong and go to extremes to avoid enduring the shame of it. Increase the difficulties of all Social rolls by two when someone challenges your ways.

Superstitious (1pt.) You adhere doggedly to a superstition, such as knocking on wood or tossing salt over your shoulder. Although everyone has foibles, you take your behavior to extremes, often tying misfortune to your inability to abide by some superstition, and crediting any success to your adherence to "the rules." Your obsession doesn't lead you to risk your life, nor does it have a pervasive sway over you. You do tend to raise warnings and make superstitious suggestions frequently, though. Add two to the difficulty of any Social roll when dealing with people who know about your superstitious bent and who frown upon it.

Trusting (1pt.) You tend to follow your instincts when dealing with strangers. Sadly, your instincts often tell you that you can trust people. You want to believe the best about everyone you meet and tend to put yourself in situations that could be dangerous, such as accepting a ride home from a recent acquaintance, going home with a person you just met at a bar, or taking a stroll in a poorly patrolled city park after nightfall.

Abusive Partner (2pt.) You're married to or living with someone who routinely abuses you physically. Make a Stamina roll (difficulty 6) every time you spend a night at home. Failure indicates that your character has suffered one health level of bashing damage. A botch means you suffer two levels of bashing damage.

Compulsive Liar (2pt.) You feel the need to put your personal spin on the truth. You don't necessarily do so out of spite or malice, and you may come to genuinely believe the tall tales that you tell (especially when you spin them often enough). This Trait is especially troublesome when other hunters rely on you for other information on monsters and their habits. You might have to spend a Willpower point to force yourself to be honest, especially if it means publicly revealing a previous lie.

Conspicuous Consumer (2pt.) You tend to blow a lot of money on useless items and overpay for brand-name clothes and other impractical items. You tend to live beyond your means, and you're always short of cash. Add two to the difficulties of Resource rolls.

Dogged by Fringe Media (2pt.) You have somehow attracted the attention of an amateur reporter, one who covers a fringe website or publishes a zine that covers the bizarre or paranormal. This crank occasionally follows you to try to discover any dirt on you. Unfortunately, and in true modern journalism style, he tends to catch you in bizarre circumstances that he simply can't understand. Of course, he tries to interpret them anyway.

Foreigner (2pt.) You are not native to an area in which you currently live - and hunt. Although you may understand the language and the general customs, you have trouble with many of the details. You have a distinguishing accent (which makes you easy to identify), and the difficulty of any Streetwise or Etiquette checks you attempt is increased by two.

Honest to a Fault (2pt.) You always try to tell the truth, no matter what the situation. You won't stretch it, bend it or manipulate it to take advantage of others, unless human lives are in jeopardy. If you do attempt to lie to someone, the difficulty of any roll involved is increased by two.

Infamy (2pt.) People in your community tend to recognize you for all the wrong reasons. Maybe you were involved in a local scandal involving a politician, or perhaps you were charged but not convicted in a sensational case. No matter the cause, you tend to attract a lot of attention wherever you go. People look down on you, though they don't necessarily hinder or harass you. Add two to the difficulty of any Social rolls that involve people who know about your past.

Lustful (2pt.) You can't resist the erotic advances of the appropriate gender(s). You are easily seduced and often exhibit very poor judgment when dealing with sexually attractive people. The difficulty of any attempts to seduce you is reduced by two.

Monstrous Connections (2pt.) You have to deal with a monster as part of your job or even your family life. Perhaps it's your boss or key family figure. The monster is not necessarily hostile to you - it might not even know you're a hunter - but it's in a position to cause you a lot of trouble should it choose to.

Nosy Neighbors
(2pt.) Your neighborhood is rife with gossips and busybodies. Your neighbors are always dropping by for unannounced visits, and they take an active interest in your comings and goings. You might want to wash up before heading home if you've just killed a rot and are covered with guts.

Poor Judge of Character (2pt.) You're the type of person who always ends up hanging out with the wrong crowd. Maybe you just like to date dangerous men or you're a sucker for a woman in trouble (or vice versa). Whatever the reason, you have a very hard time figuring out whom to trust. Increase the difficulty of all Awareness and Intuition rolls you attempt in social circumstances by two. Also, your friends and acquaintances tend to be sponges and other lowlifes.

Stalked (2pt.) Someone has an unhealthy obsession with you. Despite repeated calls to the police and several restraining orders, this person continues to follow and occasionally harass you. Your Storyteller should create game stats for the stalker. Any time you head out on the hunt, the storyteller can make a perception test on your behalf, difficulty 6. If it fails or botches, your stalker has managed to tail you throughout the night and may put in an appearance.

Technophobe (2pt.) You are severely intimidated by computer and other technology. You never use and ATM if a teller is available, and you get nervous at the sight of a keyboard. You must make an intelligence roll, difficulty 6, to perform even simple tasks on a computer, ATM or similar device. Increase the difficulty of any Computer or Technology roll by two.

Moneygrubbing (3pt.) You exist to make money. Family, friends, and other concerns are trivial when compared to the almighty dollar. If someone offers you a bribe, you must make a Willpower roll, difficulty 7, to resist. If the bribe involves something that as far as you know won't directly result in any injuries or lasting damage, increase the difficulty to 8. You also tend to target monsters that have a lot of material wealth. Sometimes, the best part of the hunt is looting the bodies of fallen monsters...or allies.

Wavering Faith (3pt.) You were once a strong adherent to a religion, but your faith has faded (or fades) in the face of the enemy. If a divine being exists, how could He let such creations prey on humanity? Ghosts are concrete evidence that the afterlife is flawed. Your conscience is severely shaken. Add two to the difficulty of all Willpower tests.

Criminal Entanglements (4pt.) You owe a lot of money or a big favor to someone on the wrong side of the law, and you have refused or been unable to pay. Although hitmen aren't being sent after you quite yet, the threat hangs over you constantly. The exact nature of the debt and the individual(s) behind it are left to the Storyteller, but they should suit your character concept.

Unlucky (4pt.) You've dealt with bad breaks all your life. From the true love who had to move across the country to the struggling Internet company you quit two months before it's billion-dollar IPO, you seem always to make the wrong moves at the wrong time. Once per game session, the Storyteller may increase the difficulty of a critical roll you make by two. If you fail he roll, it's due to some random, hard-luck factor. Your bad luck seems to crop up at the most inconvenient times. You may not take this Flaw and the Fool's Luck edge. Acquiring that edge frees up points spent on Unlucky for other flaws. Nor can you have the Lucky Merit.

Pacifist (5pt.) You utterly refuse to use violence against anything, even if your life or the lives of others are in immediate danger. Furthermore, you work hard to prevent others from using violence, though you do not recklessly endanger yourself or others to do so. You never carry weapons and refuse to procure them. A Willpower roll, difficulty 6, may be required to resist the temptation to engage in violence when a gross offense has been committed before or against you, such as a loved one being harmed. If you defy your nature and succumb to violence at some point, you cannot regain Willpower each morning until you come to terms with your lapse or you change your life philosophies altogether.

Allergies (1pt.) You're allergic to a rather common substance, such as cat fur, that causes sneezing, coughing, watery eyes and other distracting symptoms. The difficulty of all actions increases by one when you are exposed to whatever triggers your allergy.

Arthritic (1pt.) Your joints, especially your hands, are stiff and swollen. When you attempt anything that requires a fine and careful touch such as sewing or repairing a watch, increase the difficulty of your roll by one.

Color Blind (1pt.) You have trouble distinguishing between hues. You must make a Perception roll, difficulty 6, to accurately determine the color of an object.

Distinguishing Characteristic (1 to 2pt.) You have a physical feature that makes you very easy to pick out in crowds, such as elaborate tattoos, a scar or an obvious birthmark. This flaw is worth one point if the characteristic is hidden easily under clothes, two points if it is not.

Heavy Sleeper
(1pt.) You tend to sleep right through the most disturbances, from the loud stereo playing next door to the rot that just burst into your home. You must make a successful Willpower roll, difficulty 6, to wake up quickly. Failure means you spend the equivalent of a combat turn waking up. A botch means you sleep right through the disturbance, pending the Storyteller's judgment on the situation.

Lazy (1pt.) You have trouble motivating yourself to do anything. You'd rather sit around the house watching TV and thinking of doing something with your life than actually getting up and doing it. You tend to complain loudly when there's work to do, and you prefer to let things slide until the last possible moment. You must make a Willpower roll, difficulty 6, to take care of any routine tasks not directly related the hunt, such as repairing your car after that skinchanger tore off the hood.

Low Alcohol Tolerance (1pt.) Alcohol goes straight to your head. While this can be an advantage when you try to enjoy a night out on the cheap, it can be deadly on the hunt. Double any penalties you suffer from consuming alcohol.

Motion Sickness (1pt.) You become queasy and nauseous on board boards, when traveling long distances by car or on amusement park rides. Increase the difficulty of all actions you take by two when dealing with these conditions.

No Sense of Smell (1pt.) You completely lack a sense of smell. You may have simply been born without it, or perhaps you lost it due to some freak accident. You can't smell anything, no matter how strong the odor might be. Food tastes somewhat bland to you. On the good side, you aren't bothered by the stench of sewers, rotting flesh, or other nasties.

No Sense of Taste (1pt.) Your taste buds simply do not function. You cannot appreciate a fine meal, and you have trouble gauging the difference between good and bad food and drink.

Nonswimmer (1pt.) You never learned how to swim, and you have no natural talent for it. If you ever find yourself in a position where you must try to swim, you can manage a pitiable doggie paddle. Increase the difficulty of any Athletics rolls involving swimming by two.

Poor Eyesight (1 or 3pt.) You are either severely nearsighted or farsighted. Increase the difficulty of any rolls that involve visual activity by two. The one-point version is correctable with glasses or contact lenses. The three-point version is not.

Poor Hearing
(1 or 3pt.) Your hearing is exceptionally bad. Increase the difficulty of any roll involving auditory acuity by two. This flaw is worth one point if it is correctable with a hearing aid or similar device, three points if it is not.

Sickly (1pt.) You are constantly coughing and wheezing, and you have trouble shaking colds. You suffered almost every childhood illness imaginable, and you've only become worse as an adult. When making checks to avoid catching a disease or developing an infection, increase the difficulty by two.

Vice (1 to 3pts.) You're addicted to some sort of controlled substance. The one-point version of this Flaw represents an addiction that is legal and easy to satisfy, such as cigarettes. The two-point version represents a legal or mildly illegal substance that inhibits your ability to hunt effectively, such as alcohol or marijuana. The three-point version represents an addiction to a highly illegal or highly dangerous "hard" drug such as heroin. You're always under the effects of your chosen vice (you have the addiction derangement; see Hunter Book: Redeemer, p. 68).

Youthful Appearance (1pt.) You look like you're still in high school. You always get carded at bars and often have to produce identification even to buy cigarettes. In order to gain entry to concerts, clubs or bars, or to purchase alcohol, you need to present a valid-looking ID.

Disfigured (2pt.) Your face is misshapen or maimed. Increase the difficulty of any rolls involving social situations by two. You cannot have an appearance rating above 1.

Insomniac (2pt.) For whatever reason, you have tremendous trouble getting more than a few hours of sleep. You are often groggy and slow as a result. Increase the difficulty of any Alertness, Awareness or Intuition rolls by two. You can't have this Flaw and either the Vigilance edge or the Endurance Ability. Acquiring either of these Traits frees up the points spent on Insomniac for other Flaws.

Low Pain Tolerance (2pt.) You have a very low capacity for pain. You turn into a whimpering, blubbering ball of misery at the first sign of it. Although you soak damage normally, you suffer an additional -1 die-pool penalty when you are injured.

Obese (2pt.) You are seriously overweight and large enough that you have trouble using the seats in most theaters. Add two to the difficulty of any dodge or Athletics rolls that you make. You move at half the normal rate.

Old Injury (2pt.) You hurt yourself pretty badly back in your younger days and now pay the price with chronic pain and tenderness. Increase the difficulty of any Athletics roll by two.

Poor Night Vision (2pt.) Your eyesight is poor in low-light conditions. Increase the difficulty of any action attempted in dim light, such as what a flashlight might provide or under starlight alone, by two. The Discern edge eliminates Poor Night Vision when the edge is active, although other perception-based powers such as Witness and Illuminate offer no relief from this flaw. You must compensate for your bad night vision with a bright light at close proximity for Witness or Illuminate to function properly.

Short (2pt.) You are less than five feet tall, making it difficult for you to reach and use many objects designed for average adult use. Your movement rate is also half that of average-sized people.

Crippled Limb (3pt.) You are either missing a limb or have injured it so badly that it is unusable. If one of your arms is crippled, increase the difficulty for actions that normally require two hands, such as firing a rifle or bow, by two. If one of your legs is crippled, without some sort of cane, walker, or wheelchair you can only move at one-quarter normal speed. With the appropriate aid, you can move at up to half normal speed.

Elderly (3pt.) You're too old for this shit, but you're too damn ornery to step aside and let others do the fighting. Although you're just as strong and quick as some of the younger hunters, you don't have the endurance or resiliency of youth anymore. You make soak rolls against a 7 difficulty instead of the normal 6. In addition, increase the dice-pool penalty for each of your levels of injury by one.

Shaky Hands (3pt.) You have a lot of trouble keeping yourself composed under pressure. In an extremely stressful situation such as combat, your hands shake so badly that you have trouble completing any tasks that require a delicate touch and intense concentration. Examples include picking a lock, loading bullets into a revolver or typing at a computer. Increase the difficulty of any rolls for such demanding activities by two.

Missing Eye (3pt.) You're missing one of your eyes. Increase he difficulty of any Perception rolls involving eyesight by two. The difficulties of all dice rolls involving depth perception (such as ranged-weapons attacks) are also increased by two. Amazingly, the Discern edge allows you perfect sight through both eyes.

Child (4pt.) You are prepubescent. You're much smaller than the average adult and move at half the rate of adults. Also, because you are not fully developed physically, you may not start play with more than three dots in any Physical Attribute. Similarly, you may not have the experience of an adult and cannot start play with more than three dots in any Knowledge Ability.

Chronic Illness (4pt.) You suffer from a debilitating illness such as chronic fatigue syndrome or even cancer. You frequently feel weak, and you are easily injured. Add two to the difficulty of any Athletics or soak rolls.

Deafness (4pt.) You cannot hear. You automatically fail any test that requires hearing, and the difficulty of appropriate Alertness rolls is increased by three.

Blind (6pt.) You can't see. Increase the difficulty of any rolls involving hand-eye coordination by three. The Discern edge allows you to see even though your eyes do not function. Other Perception-based edges such as Illuminate and Witness may operate for you as well by intensifying other senses such as smell. The Storyteller may rule that even second sight is still useful to you via means other than seeing, if you know how to interpret the sensory impressions you receive.

Gullible (1pt.) You have a lot of trouble separating truth from fiction. You're not stupid, you just tend to believe what people tell you rather than to take things with a grain of salt. Increase by two the difficulty of any roll to detect lies.

Medicated (1 or 5pt.) You require a daily medication to stay in good health. As a one-point flaw, your medication is important to your long-term health but has little effect on your day-to-day well-being, as with prescription drugs that keep your cholesterol down. The five point version represents insulin shots or something else that is necessary to keep you alive. If you should miss a day's worth of medicine, you automatically suffer a bashing or lethal level of damage for every 12 hours that pass without your medicine, as determined by the Storyteller. The damage is healed at a rate of one level per 12 hours that pass once you resume your regular medication schedule.

Nightmares (1pt.) Your sleep is plagued by visions of the horrors that walk the earth. You must make a Willpower roll, difficulty 7, to sleep through the night without being tormented. The day after, add two to the difficulty of the first ability of Attribute roll you have to make to deal with monsters. You can have the Vigilance edge or Endurance and this Flaw; the little sleep you get with either is simply haunted by some really bad dreams. The Storyteller may rule that any roll made to apply Conviction reactively (see Hunter, p. 133) while you sleep is at a +1 difficulty.

No Sense of Direction (1pt.) You get lost all the time. Maps, compasses and detailed directions do little to help. You have a lot of trouble figuring out where you are in relation to landmarks that aren't immediately obvious, and maps are largely incomprehensible to you. Increase by two the difficulty of any roll that involves following convoluted directions, backtracking a route or navigating a confusing set of city streets.

Poor Sense of Time (1pt.) You have no intuition for the flow of time. You can't even begin to guess the current time without looking at a clock, and you always overestimate or underestimate the amount of time that has passed since a specified event (or that remains before one).

Short Temper (1pt.) You are easily driven to distraction by what would otherwise be minor failures and other frustrations. If you fail to gain any successes on any single roll during an extended action, increase the difficulty of all subsequent actions by one, cumulatively.

Terrible With Names (1pt.) Try as you might,k you almost always forget people's names, especially when meeting large groups for the first time. You may not write down the names of any people you meet unless your character (as opposed to you, the player) has paper and a writing utensil handy. You also have problems remember whether you've been someplace before, and with recognizing faces. Make an intelligence roll, difficulty 6, to recall such information.

Absent Minded (2pt.) Details and important facts slip your mind constantly. Once per game session, when you attempt to use an item that you normally carry with you, the Storyteller may require you to make a Willpower roll, difficulty 6, to determine whether you remembered to bring it or, if so, whether you can remember where it is. The item turns up again after an hour or so of searching.

Attention-Deficit Disorder (2pt.) You have a hard time sitting still and paying attention to anything for more than a few minutes. If you must sit still and quiet for more than 10 minutes, such as keeping watch over a monster or standing guard, you must make a Willpower roll, difficulty 6. On a failure, you lose interest in your task and are distracted from it.

Dyslexic (2pt.) Printed information of any sort, from written text to maps, is nearly indecipherable to you. Although you are not necessarily illiterate, you struggle to read the simplest sentences. In order to interpret a map or read anything, you must make a successful Intelligence roll, difficulty 8. On a botch, you interpret the message to have almost it's opposite meaning.

Eating Disorder (2pt.) You have an unhealthy obsession with your appearance and have chosen to starve yourself in order to lose weight. Increase the difficulty of any Stamina-related rolls by two.

Language Barrier (2 or 3pt.) You cannot speak the language or dialect in your area of operations. In order to communicate with the locals, you must find a translator or rely on a language handbook to attempt rough translations. Taking the two-point version means you can read the language but have trouble using it in conversation. The three-point version means you can neither speak nor read it.

Overconfident (2pt.) You either overestimate your own skill or underestimate your opponents'. Once per game session, the Storyteller may secretly increase by two the difficulty of a non-combat action that you make. The increase represents your tendency to plunge headlong into activities that are beyond your capabilities.

Phobia (2pt.) You have a deep seated aversion to something such as heights, spiders, or even the dark. You suffer from at least one aspect of the Phobias derangement (see Hunter Book:Defender, p. 74).

Faint of Heart (3pt.) The sight of gore and blood shocks you to the core. If you witness a gruesome scene, you must make a Willpower roll, difficulty 6, to avoid debilitating nausea for five to 10 minutes. The difficulty of all actions increases by one when you're in this state. You cannot have this Flaw and the Steel Nerves Background. If you ever acquire that Trait, this Flaw's three points must be assigned to other disabilities.

Incompetent (3pt.) You are spectacularly bad at something. Unfortunately, you're the only person around who doesn't understand this fact. Pick a single ability. You believe you have the proficiency equal to three dots in that Trait, when in reality you almost always ruin any effort involving it. Whenever you try to use the Ability, treat the outcome as if you rolled a botch.

Low Self-Esteem (3pt.) You have trouble accepting your own value and worth. You tend to highlight your failures and overlook your triumphs. Whenever you have the opportunity to gain Willpower from accomplishing goals (not resting), make a Willpower roll, difficulty 6. If you fail the roll, you do not gain the bonus. If you botch, you lose a temporary point of Willpower.

Slow Learner (3pt.) You always lagged behind in school, and even the most patient people find it frustrating to teach you the simplest concepts. You aren't dumb. It just takes you longer than most to wrap your brain around things. For the purposes of figuring out how many experience points it costs to raise an ability, add one to your current rating. Acquiring a new Ability costs four experience points, not the usual three.

Weak-Willed (3pt.) Try as you might, it's challenging for you to summon inner reserves of toughness. Whereas others shoulder heavy burdens in the name of the hunt, you simply find the going harder and harder. You're not a coward. You just don't have the fortitude necessary to make truly heroic efforts. Add two to the difficulty of all Willpower rolls. As long as you have this flaw, your Willpower rating may never rise above 8.

Amnesia (4pt.) Life before your imbuing is a vague blur. You remember nothing of the existence you led before you were chosen - that doesn't mean your old life has forgotten you, though. Your Storyteller creates the details of your old life and the circumstances surrounding your amnesia.

Depression (4pt.) You're mired in a pit of bleak, mind-numbing sorrow. Convinced that your eternally dark mood is completely natural - or deserved - you refuse to seek professional help. You do not regain a point of Willpower per day as most characters do. Instead, you may gain Willpower only through actions, and even those must ardently reaffirm your goals, such as tracking down and destroying the first monster you ever witnessed - a creature that did you previous harm. If you ever acquire the Manic-Depression derangement, the points spent on this flaw are freed up and must be spent on new flaws.

Illiterate (4pt.) You never learned to write in your native language. You can understand most traffic signs and warning labels that rely on pictographs, but written instructions and warnings are completely beyond your comprehension. This Flaw does not interfere with your understanding of the hunter code.

Political Extremist (1pt.) You have connections to a political organization that most people view with suspicion or fear, such as the Nation of Islam or the Ku Klux Klan. You are an active member of the group and local law enforcement has an open dossier on you. Although you do not necessarily have a criminal record or engage in illegal activity, the local police view you as a troublemaker and a suspicious character. At any given time, you might be the target of an undercover investigation prompted by the activities of your organization.

Revoked Driver's License (1pt.) You have lost your driver's license due to a poor driving record. If you are pulled over for any reason or are otherwise caught driving, you will be arrested immediately and your car will be impounded.

Sunday Driver (1pt.) Whenever you go out with friends, no one wants you to drive. You pay almost obsessive attention to traffic regulations and make a conscious effort to drive below the speed limit. Alternatively, you have no patience for traffic, right of way or signs, or you simply fail to pay attention to the road. The difficulty of any Drive rolls you make during a chase or other high-speed situation is increased by two.

Criminal Record (2pt.) Having been convicted for several misdemeanors or perhaps a minor felony, you have a bit of a shady past. You are unable to buy firearms legally, and you receive exceptionally poor treatment from law-enforcement officials who know your record.

Probation (2pt.) You are currently on probation for some minor offense. You have to meet with a case officer on a regular basis and are subject to random drug tests and searches of your home and person. You must also commit - or seem to commit - yourself to being a good citizen: maintaining a job, keeping current with debt and other aspects of a respectable life that the hunt makes challenging.

Illegal Immigrant (3pt.) You lack proper and lawful permission to be in the country in which you currently live. You do not have a legitimate ID and are likely to be deported to your nation of origin if you are placed under arrest. You cannot hold a job unless it pays under the table.

Wanted by Law Enforcement (3pt.) You are the prime suspect in a felony crime. The police actively look for you, and you cannot move openly about your usual hangouts. If you encounter cops who know that you're wanted, they'll call in backup and bring you in.

Audit (1pt.) You currently undergo an audit by the national tax authority. You cannot purchase illegal goods totaling more than $500 without attracting the attention of officers assigned to your case. Any money you wish to use for illegal purposes must be laundered first. Increase the difficulty of all Resources rolls by two.

Demanding Career (2pt.) Your current job requires long hours and frequent travel, making it challenging for you to both work and pursue the hunt. You must always carry a pager and back keep in touch with the office, and you can be called back to work at almost anytime. If you should quit your job to free up time for the calling, reduce your Resources by at least one point.

Primary Breadwinner (2pt.) You are the primary income earner in your family. You pay the bills, from the heat and electricity to the weekly groceries. You have to maintain a steady-paying job, despite the demands of the hunt. At least two of your Resources points must be dedicated to supporting your family. If your rating drops below that level, your family begins to suffer. The difficulty of all Willpower rolls you attempt is increased by two thereafter, because of the deep shame and embarrassment you feel for not providing for your loved ones.

Uninsured (2pt.) You either cannot afford insurance or have simply chosen to go without it. You must pay for all medical expenses and any damage incurred from accidents out of pocket.

Alimony Payments (3pt.) You are financially responsible for your ex-spouse and perhaps children. You must hold down a steady job and meet monthly payments or risk having your assets frozen and your possessions seized. You can never have more than 3 Resources because of the economic hardship of keeping up with payments.

(4pt.) You live on the streets. you can never have any dots in Resources, and you have no secure place to rest when you're not hunting. You cannot heal any lethal damage naturally while living on the street, and you must carry all of your property at all times or risk hiding it and hope no one finds it.