Chimera Redes

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● Aggravated Damage (Changeling: The Dreaming, p. 221) Chimera may use this Rede in tandem with the Wyrd Rede to cause aggravated, real-world damage.

Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: None

● Animate (Dreams and Nightmares, p. 122) Use of this Rede enables the caster to move, manipulate, and levitate objects at the chimera’s whim.  Exactly what the caster animates is dependent upon the nature of the chimera.  Chimera spawned from dreams and fantasies of death can animate corpses, while nature-chimera animate rocks and branches.  Chimera cannot use animate to affect living matter.

One Glamour lifts 20 pounds of material for one Melee round.  Each point spent on increasing mass raises this amount exponentially (4 points would lift 160 pounds).

Animate used offensively attacks with the chimera’s combat dice pool (use Intelligence + Melee), +2 dice for every Glamour spent on mass.  Of course, attacks can be dodged.

Glamour Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: 1 Glamour + 1 to increase mass exponentially; +1 Glamour to increase duration by one round (6 points would animate 160 pounds for 3 rounds, etc.)

● Archetype (Dreams and Nightmares, p. 122) Some chimera have the raw, essence-absorbing abilities of Glamour at their command.  These chimera are called Archetypes.  Archetypes can absorb the substance of other chimera into their bodies to gain greater abilities and Redes.  All former memoires and experiences of the victim are now part of the Archetype’s.  In truth, the victim is not so much eaten as reintegrated into the makeup of the Archetype.  The Archetype becomes a collective being under the control of the original Archetype.

Chimera with this ability may only use it up to three times; usage depends on the initial level of the Rede purchased.  After the maximum amount of redes is utilized, this Rede becomes defunct, and the user is no longer considered an Archetype.

To activate this power, the Archetype must physically grasp the victim and roll resisted Willpower.  For each success achieved, the victim suffers a penalty of one Health Level and one Glamour point.  When an opponent reaches zero Glamour, extra Health Levels are expended to make up for the loss.  When a victim reaches  zero Health Levels, he is absorbed into the matrix of the Archetype.  If the victor was the original victim, she gains no benefit; the loser becomes intangible.

Once activated, the Archetype Rede must run its course, if the victim manages to break away, the Archetype still spends the Glamour every turn until her form breaks apart from the loss of integrity.  If she manages to reestablish contact, the process continues.

When absorbing, an Archetype gains two-thirds the initial Glamour Points of the victim.  The Storyteller purchases Redes, Abilities, and Attributes that closely match the statistics of the original victim, from strongest to weakest.  These traits combine with the Archetype’s traits to form a new being.  In appearance, the Archetype now looks like a conglomeration of the two entities, but not overwhelmingly so.  Anyone who knew the Archetype previously would still recognize the composite chimera.

Archetypes generally chose victims to whom they already bear some similarity in form or function.  If the victim is not similar to the Archetype (a sweet teddy bear Archetype attempting to absorb Carmilla the Giant Tarantula, for example), the activation of the Rede is considered 2 uses, and the Archetype suffers a +1 difficulty to all contested Willpower rolls (an archetype with only one cannot absorb an unrelated chimera).  This power is almost as rare as the Wyrd Rede.

Chimera Point Cost: 10 for one use, 15 for two uses, and 20 for three uses.
Use Cost: One per turn.  Once activated, the Rede consumes 1 point per turn  until absorption is complete or the Archetype disincorporates.

● Armor (Changeling: The Dreaming, p. 221) The Chimera may grow armor to protect its physical form.  Types of armor include tough skin, metal plating, dragon scales, and chitinous exoskeletons.

Chimera Point Cost: 1 (per point of armor)
Use Cost: None

● Befuddle (Changeling: The Dreaming, p. 221) This power confuses its target, making it difficult to perform any action.  Roll Glamour with a difficulty equal to the target’s Willpower.  The target loses one die from all Dice Pools for every success the chimera achieves in excess of the victim.  The effect lasts as long as the chimera remains in the victim’s presence.

Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: 1

● Breath (Dreams and Nightmares, p. 122) Breath works similarly to Venom but affects all targets at range with a cone, cloud, or line in front of the chimera’s mouth (or whatever orifice the chimera uses to breathe).  The discharge depends on what kind of breath weapon the creature possesses.  For lightning, the breath expels in a line.  For fire, the breath is a cone.  Range is long for a line,  medium for a cone and short for a cloud.  Victims can choose to dodge line or cone breath attacks or to run out of range, if they get the initiative.

Breath attacks are difficult to soak (Stamina, difficulty 7).

Chimera Point Cost: 5 (3, if the breath does not cause damage, such as one that causes sleep).
Use Cost: Damage from this Rede is 3 + 1 per point of Glamour the chimera chooses to invest.  All targets receive full damage.

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● Curse (Changeling Storyteller's Guide, p. 81) This rede works much like the second level of the Soothsay Art. As long as the target is enchanted, she in vulnerable to this rede. The chimera must possess the Wyrd rede in order to affect targets neither fae nor enchanted. Each two points of Glamour invested by the chimera acts as a success for determining the effects of this Rede.

Chimera Point Cost: 5
Use Cost: 2/level of curse effect

● Difficulty Reduction (Dreams and Nightmares, pp. 122-123) Certain chimera are, by design, superior at specific tasks.  A sword forged to kill perytons will strike more often against perytons than against other creatures.  Difficulty reduction is not a true Rede but a modifier.  Every level reduces the difficulty of a specified task by 1.  The maximum number of levels allowable for reducing the difficulty of a given task is 2.

Chimera Point Cost: Three for every point of difficulty reduction, maximum of 2 levels.  The modified activity must be stipulated at the time of purchase and must be specific (-2 difficulty for running is legal, but -2 for Athletics or Dexterity is too vague).

● Dreadful Gaze (Dreams and Nightmares, p. 123) Chimera with this Rede literally have looks that kill.  Anything living that the chimera views while activating this power must roll Stamina + Kenning, difficulty equals the chimera’s Willpower.  If the victim fails to achieve at least 3 successes, he turns to stone.  The effects of this transformation are different for various beings.  All fae and enchanted are effectively paralyzed for one hour – 10 minutes for every Banality point they possess.  After this =duration, they return to normal.  While they are stone, victims sustain damage at half their normal rates.

Other chimera instantly lose all Health Levels and must roll to maintain their integrity.  If they succeed, their intangible forms and physical stone-forms separate.  As intangible-form chimera heal over time, stone-form ones slowly disintegrate into dust and completely crumble away when the incorporeal ones form new physical bodies.  If they fail their initial roll, they die instantly.  If Healing Arts and certain elixirs can heal the physical form, an afflicted chimera can instantly reintegrate.

This Rede effects everything, including plants.  The chimera does not have to meet its victim’s eyes to use this Rede, it merely needs to see the victim.  Of course, if the chimera sees itself in a mirror or reflected surface, it is effected by its own Rede.  Adventurers who encounter a chimera with this power usually are forewarned by the barren waste and abundance of statues that surround the chimera’s territory.

Chimera Point Cost: 8
Use Cost: Two Glamour each use.  The chimera can choose to use this Rede or not.  Sometimes, the unpredictable nature of Glamour causes the Rede to activate anyway, even when against the chimera’s whises.  Only one creature may be affected per use.

● Dreamform (Changeling: The Dreaming, p. 221) The chimera is composed of a more rarified, purer Glamour than most chimera are.  It does not have a physical form.  (It is still visible, however, unless it has the Rede Hide).  Kithain must use Arts or Treasures if they wish to affect it, as normal chimerical means will do no good.  A chimera with this Rede does not need to possess Physical Attributes, but must still have Health Levels.  (If this Rede is purchased, the Stamina limit on Health Levels is ignored).

This rede is permanent, unless the chimera is exposed to high levels of Banality (it touches an Autumn Person, for example).   In such instances, the Chimera’s current Glamour is rolled (difficulty equals the source’s Banality).  If the roll fails, the chimera loses its Dreamform instantly and gains two chimera points to allocates among Physical Attributes that it develops suddenly.  The chimera remains in this physical form as long as it remains in contact with the Banality that changed it.  If the Glamour roll botches, the change is permanent.

Chimera Point Cost: 5
Use Cost: None

● Dreamweaving (Dreams and Nightmares, p. 123) This Rede works only on sleeping victims in the mundane world when deployed by chimera in the Dreaming.  Characters sleeping in the Dreaming are unaffected.  Chimera not in the Dreaming cannot utilize this Rede.

To activate Dreamweaving, the chimera merely needs to encounter a sleeping victim and gain at least one success on a Glamour roll (difficulty equals the victim’s Willpower).  For the remainder of the scene, the chimera can direct the course of the victim’s dream in any manner she sees fit.

Successive Dreamweavings on the same victim become easier over a period of time.  For every two Dreamweaving attempts, the victim suffers -1 to his Willpower dice pool to resist.

Repeated use of this rede causes the victim to gain no benefits from sleep.  Over time, the target suffers permanent loss of Willpower, insanity, and death.

Chimera Point Cost: 4
Use Cost: This Rede costs no Glamour to use.  It is actually a limited form of Ravaging, as the chimera gains Glamour from the victim over a period of time.

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● Enchantment (Changeling: The Dreaming, p. 221) This Rede allows a chimera to affect nonfae, and allows them to effect it.  The chimera may interact with a human, chat amiably with him, or attack him.  All damage is still chimerical, and the human forgets the encounter quickly.  The chimera would need the Wyrd Rede to affect the physical world.

Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: This Rede costs one Glamour per turn to use, or one per hour in a freehold or the Dreaming.

● Ensnare (Changeling: The Dreaming, p. 221) The Chimera can attempt to physically restrain its target in some manner.  The ways in which chimera can do this vary widely (a spider’s web, a net, sticky foam).  An appropriate attack roll is made, or the Ensnare is set in advance in hopes that someone will blunder into it.  Ensnare has Strength 2 and two points of armor for every three points of permanent Glamour possessed by the Chimera.  Chimera with less than three points of permanent Glamour have an Ensnare with Strength 1 and one point of armor.

Chimera Point Cost: 2
Use Cost: 1 to capture a human-sized object.

● Entrancement (Dreams and Nightmares, p. 123) This Rede convinces the victim that the user is her friend and that the victim should go to great lengths to help the user.  The victim will not endanger himself, but he will defend his new friend from all enemies.  The user spends one Willpower point and rolls her Glamour pool (difficulty equals the victim’s Banality).  The duration of the Rede’s power is a number of scenes equal to the number of successes.  The chimera can cast the Rede again, but at +1 difficulty for each additional casting, as the victim begins to get suspicious.  The victim must understand the chimera’s language for this Rede to work.

Chimera Point Cost: 4
Use Cost: 1 Willpower

● Fear (Changeling: The Dreaming, p. 221) Chimera with this Rede can cause a subject to freeze with fear or retreat in stark terror.  Fear persists for one to 10 turns.  The victim may make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6); each success reduces the Rede’s duration by one turn.  This fear can be generated by any number of means; some chimera frighten their targets by their mere appearance.

Chimera Point Cost: 2
Use Cost: 1

● Fester (Changeling: The Dreaming, p. 222) This Rede causes the victim to manifest the symptoms of a particular disease.  The storyteller decides at what rate the disease progresses, but it is often extremely fast.  A disease that would normally take years to manifest may do so in hours.  A victim may cure the effects of this Rede by making an opposed Willpower roll and gaining more successes than the chimera does, although the victim must be aware of the chimera’s presence to resist.  Primal ● ● ● ●  (Heather Balm) may heal damage inflicted by this Rede, but will not cure the disease.

Chimera Point Cost: 5
Use Cost: 1 per Health Level of damage inflicted by the disease.

● Flame Breath (Changeling Storyteller's Guide, p. 81) This Rede can be used to provide a chimera with a chimerical-ranged attack. The most obvious effect is dragon's breath, but arrows, laser beams, and lightning bolts can all be created by it.

Chimera Point Cost: 3 per dice of chimerical damage
Use Cost: 1

● Flash (Changeling Storyteller's Guide, p. 81) Allows the chimera to blind a target. The target must be fae or enchanted, or the chimera must possess the Wyrd rede as well. The target is blinded for 5 turns, but this effect can be soaked with a Dexterity + Dodge roll (difficulty 8) to avoid the flash.

Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: 1

 ● Flight (Changeling: The Dreaming, p. 222) The chimera can fly under its own power.  Changelings seek chimera for this Rede for flying carpets and the like.  The chimera can fly 25 feet per turn per point of Dexterity that it has.

Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: 1 per hour

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● Gulp (Changeling: The Dreaming, p. 222) Chimera with this power may unhinge their jaws wide enough to swallow victims.  If a chimera gains five or more successes on an attack roll, it swallows the victim hole.  Damage is automatic each turn thereafter, if the chimera chooses to inflict it.  Some chimera may hold their victims inside themselves just long enough to terrify them, and then spit them out again.  Victims swallowed by redcap-inspired chimera are rarely so lucky.

Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: 2

● Glamour Pact (Changeling: The Dreaming, p. 222) The chimera can protect itself from being crafted, forged, or trapped in a treasure against its will.  The difficulty of any attempt to do so by changeling artisans is increased by two, and the chimera may be even more difficult to control than the average unwilling chimera.  Changeling consider most Glamour Pact items to be ‘cursed,’ and the chimera in one may still use any Redes that are not based on Physical Attributes.  Chimera with Glamour Pact that are trapped in items retain their Glamour and Willpower scores.  Their new forms dictate their physical characteristics.  Some chimera use this power to force and artisan to change them back to their true forms (often a difficult task).  Some, however, retain their imposed forms for years, relishing their status as cursed objects.  Only the greatest or most insane changeling artisans work with chimera that possess this Rede.

Chimera Point Cost: 5
Use Cost: 1 permanent Glamour

● Healing (Changeling: The Dreaming, p. 222) The chimera can heal its own wounds or those of others.  The chimera must have the Wyrd rede to heal nonchimerical injuries.

Chimera Point Cost: 5
Use Cost: 1 point of Glamour heals one Health Level of damage.

● Hide (Changeling: The Dreaming, p. 222) This Rede allows a chimera to become invisible to all changelings and enchanted beings.  A Perception + Kenning roll (difficulty 8) must be made for a changeling trying to determine the location of a chimera that is using this Rede, and at least two successes must be achieved.  (One success indicates the general location of the chimera).  This effect lasts for the duration of a scene (up to one hour).

Some chimera can use this Rede to hide Changelings or even unenchanted beings.  Hiding a changeling from another changeling functions just as described above.  Hiding a changeling from the unenchanted, or hiding an unenchanted item or person requires that the chimera possess the Wyrd Rede.

Chimera Point Cost: 5 (for hiding self only); 7 (for ability to affect others)
Use Cost: 1 (and 1 per person or item affected)

● Illusions  (Dreams and Nightmares, p. 123) The caster of this Rede can change the perceptions of the target(s).  This Rede is similar in function to the Chicanery cantrip Fuddle, in that it can give an object or sensation a different appearance, but only one of roughly the same size or sensory imput.  You could make a horse appear to be a wurm, but you could not make the horse invisible or appear to be a 10 story building.  No special abilities are gained from this Rede

This power affects all things within sensory range, even individuals who scry the area.  However, the Rede fails against anyone who possesses Perception 4 or greater, or who has some supernatural visual ability.  Any victim who thinks that she is viewing an illusion gets an initial roll of Perception + Kenning, difficulty 6 (+1 for every extra Glamour invested, maximum of 9).  If she gets two or more successes, she sees the illusion as it truly is.

The Rede lasts as long as the chimera chooses.  All illusions drop when the chimera sustains 3 or more Health Levels of damage.

Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: 1 Glamour, +1 to increase the impenetrability of an illusion.

● Poof Begone (Dreams and Nightmares, p. 123) This power is the ability to vanish at one place in the Dreaming and reappear in another.  The exact distance is limited, but certain areas of the Dreaming are known to enhance this Rede.  Being on a trod of standing in a mushroom ring, for example, somehow increases the maximum allowable distance (by 50 feet).

A chimera must be able to see the destination of the Rede.  The user could poof anywhere in a house, but he would have to be able to see the house’s exterior, and he could only poof to one of the outer rooms – not an interior room or the basement.  This ability is usable only in the Dreaming, even if the character possesses Wyrd.

Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: 1 Glamour

● Possession (Changeling: The Dreaming, p. 222) The chimera must touch the target.  An opposed roll is made of the chimera’s Glamour and the target’s Willpower (difficulties are the opponent’s scores).  If the chimera rolls more successes, it possesses the victim for one turn per success in excess of the opponent’s roll.  If the target has a higher permanent Banality score than the chimera has permanent Glamour, the chimera loses a point of Glamour for each point of the difference.  This Rede works only on Kithain unless the chimera has the Rede Enchantment.

Chimera Point Cost: 7
Use Cost: 2 Willpower

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● Riadstradh (Dreams and Nightmares, pp. 123-124) Riadstradh, or beserkergang, is the ability to enter into a battle frenzy before or during combat.  Wound penalties are ignored, and the chimera gains an increase in her combat dice pool.  The unfortunate side effect is that the battle crazed chimera attacks any and all creatures still tanding until the Riadstradh runs its course or the chimera loses all Health Levels.  The duration of the Riadstradh is the Stamina of the chimera +2 for extra Glamour point spent.  After the Riadstradh, the chimera suffers 1 damage for every 3 turns in the frenzy (round up).  This damage is fatigue and heals at the point of one point per hour.  Fatigue-damage is almost never lethal, but otherwise has the same effect as any other wound penalties.

When purchasing Riadstradh, the chimera must specify the enemy that the Rede is directed toward.  The enemy listing can be as generalized as a species or Legacy, but no broader (listing sidhe is legal, but all fae is not).  To activate Riadstradh, at least one representative enemy must be on the opposing side.

Chimera Point Cost: 3 for +1 to combat dice pool, +1 for every +1 to pool (+3 dice pool costs 5 points)
Use Cost: 1 Glamour point for frenzy lasting 3 Stamina rounds, +2 for every extra Glamour point spent

● Scuttle (Changeling: The Dreaming, p. 222) Chimera with this Rede may move at truly amazing speeds.

Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: A chimera may take one extra action per Glamour spent.

● Sense Banality (Changeling: The Dreaming, p. 222) The chimera can tell how much Banality is in a person, object, or place.

Chimera Point Cost: 2
Use Cost: 1 Willpower

● Shapeshift (Changeling: The Dreaming, p. 222) A chimera with this power can change its appearance in almost any way it desires.  It may appear to grow larger or smaller.  It may turn into a creature of dazzling beauty or a monstrosity from the Nightmare Realms.  This image is completely illusionary, and the chimera gains no additional abilities from this Rede.  This power affects all five senses, but cannot be used to cause damage with illusionary weapons.

Chimera Point Cost: 5
Use Cost: 1 per shape change

● Steal Glamour (Changeling: The Dreaming, p. 222) This Rede allows the chimera to actually steal Glamour from a changeling or even another chimera.  A Willpower roll with a difficulty equal to the target’s Glamour must be made for a chimera to use this Rede successfully.  The number of successes rolled determines how many points of temporary Glamour are stolen.

Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: 1 Willpower

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● Transmute (Dreams and Nightmares, p. 124) This Rede gives the ability to change a nonliving, organic substance into something else, or merely to alter its composition.  During the Middle Ages, mortals thought fae were guilty of souring milk and poisoning wells, when spiteful chimera were the true culprits.

At the cost of 1 Glamour point, a chimera can cause food to spoil or vice versa.  For 3 points, a chimera can turn nonedible plant material (such as straw) into a king’s feast, or she can cause an organic material to exhibit characteristics of any other related material.  She can make edible mushrooms poisonous, or turn poisonous toad legs into tasty, edible frog legs.  She can transform the finest silk into chaff or make the weakest willow as strong as oak.

For five points, the chimera can force radical changes upon organic materials, making wood as edible as spaghetti or giving a cotton shirt the protective qualities of wooden armor.  (You hve always wondered how that witch created the candy house in ‘Hansel and Gretel,’ didn’t you?)

This Rede is usable in the mundane world; it is not necessary to possess the Wyrd Rede.  However, such alterations are never permanent, as Banality eats away the power of the change.  Wood chips transmuted to gold coins fade back to wood, and poisonous mushrooms revert to their former state, even if already eaten.  In the Dreaming, this change is permanent.

Chimera who purchase this Rede must declare a ‘specialization’ or material that this Rede is limited to transmuting.  A chimera can have multiple specializations but must spend Glamour points for each specialization.  The specializations are water, vegetables and fruits, wood, animal meat and hide, spices, fungi, fibers, beer and wine, dairy, and other plants.

Chimera Point Cost: 3 per specialization
Use Cost: 1-5 Glamour Points

● Traverse Dreaming (Changeling: The Dreaming, p. 222) This Rede allows chimera to travel to the mortal world from the Dreaming, or to enter the Dreaming from the mortal world.  Chimera can only travel through established trods and portals, though some travel chimerical trods known only to their kind.

Chimera Point Cost: 5
Use Cost: 1

● Venom (Changeling: The Dreaming, p. 222) Chimerical venom can cause paralysis or even ‘death’ to Changelings.  The victim may suffer damage, and a successful stamina roll (difficulty 8) must be made, or the victim may be paralyzed for one minute per point of Glamour invested by the chimera.

Chimera Point Cost: 3
Use Cost: Chimera usually deliver their venom in tandem with a physical attack (bite, stinger, claw).  This Rede causes one additional Health Level of Damage per point of Glamour that the chimera chooses to invest (assuming that the chimera seeks to do harm with its venom).

● Weaponry (Changeling: The Dreaming, pp. 222-223) The chimera may create physical (non-ranged) weapons from its chimerical substance.  These may include swords, horns, or lashing tails.  If a chimera loses its physical form, its weapon disappears with it, but the weapon may stay behind in some cases.

Chimera Point Cost: The Chimera inflicts +1 damage for every two chimera points spent.
Use Cost: None

● Wyrd (Changeling: The Dreaming, pp. 223) A chimera that invokes this Rede becomes a solid creature in the real world and can cause physical damage.  This is one of the rarest chimerical powers.

Chimera Point Cost: 5
Use Cost: 1 Willpower per scene
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