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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 188)

This realm concerns itself with mortals. The higher the realm, the less the caster must personally know the person. This realm includes supernatural beings such as vampires, wraiths, etc., but not other fae.

· True Friend: A well known confidant, buddy, etc.
·· Personal Contact: You have had a long conversation with this person and you know their name.
··· Familiar Face: You recognize his face, but you do not need to know his name.
···· Complete Stranger: You need no information, but the person cannot be your enemy.
····· Dire Enemy: This person must be your enemy, or in competition with you; a gaming friend falls into this category.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 189)

This realm governs all creatures of the Dreaming

· Hearty Commoner: Commoner Changelings.
·· Lofty Noble: Any Changeling with a title.
··· Manifold Chimera: Chimerical creatures or items.
···· Elusive Gallain: Usuable on all fae beings not categorized above: Nunnehi, Inanimae or anything else unexplainable but related to the Dreaming.
····· Dweomer of Glamour: Anything composed of Glamour: cantrips, treasures, dross, etc. (Note: You need to possess this level to attempt to counter any cantrips cast.)
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 188)


· Raw Material: Unliving, organic matter (rope, paper, stone, etc.). If it's inorganic (steel, etc.), it is not of this realm.
·· Verdant Forest: Living, organic plant material. (Not animals).
··· Feral Animal: Living, nonsentient animals. (Self-aware animals are governed under Actor.)
···· Natural Phenomena: Natural occurrences: weather, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc.
····· Base Element: Governs natural (carbon based) elements, or the traditional four: fire, water, earth, and air.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 189)

Prop governs objects not natural and crafted from human hands. This includes formerly natural objects crafted into something else (wood sculptures, paper mache, etc.)

· Ornate Garb: Objects commonly worn (clothing, rings, tattoos, etc.)
·· Crafted Tool: An item with no moving parts. (Swords, shields, but not guns, or even a morningstar.)
··· Mechnical Device: An item with moving parts, but not needing fuel to operate (including computers, which need electricity).
···· Complex Machine: A single item with moving, sometimes electronic components, but with an easily understandable mechanism (toaster ovens, cars, and printing presses; no computers, T.V.'s, etc.)
····· Arcane Artifact: Any crafted item not listed above, with complex components.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 189)

This realm determines the area of casting. It allows the changeling to affect multiple targets (although she must possess the requisite realms to affect these targets as well. She could not use scene 3 by itself to affect a playground full of kids).

· Chamber: Up to 25 sq. feet
·· Cottage: Up to 200 sq. feet
··· House: Up to 750 sq. feet
···· Park: Up to 2,000 sq. feet
····· Kingdom: Up to 50,000 sq. feet
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 189)

This realm allows the caster to set a "delay" on a cantrip casting. She should cast the cantrip, leave the area, and then expect the cantrip to release without her being present. The number of dots determine the maximum time a delay can be set, and the difficulty modifier applied to the casting.

· One turn.
·· One hour.
··· One day.
···· One week.
····· One month.
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