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(Changeling: Second Edition, pp. 143-144)

Your character understands how to operate and possibly even program a computer. At higher levels, this may also include knowledge of designing and building a system, as well as complicated hacking. Any attempted use of a computer requires that the character have this knowledge.

Possessed by: Hackers, Office personnel, Programmers, Students.
Specialties: Graphics, Hacking, Programming, Retrieving Data.

· Student: You can boot up a game.
·· College: You can use word processing programs and connect to the internet.
··· Masters: You are a competent programmer or software designer.
···· Doctorate: You are an experienced hacker who knows the ins and outs of most systems.
····· Scholar: You could probably create artificial intelligence.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 144)

This knowledge represents a knack for piecing together and remembering information vital to many kinds of problem solving. It assists your character in solving the mysteries created by the storyteller. It is essential for divining secret pathways, understanding esoteric knowledge and answering the riddles of mystical guardians.

Possessed by: Crossword devotees, Detectives, Game players, Mystics, Zen enthusiasts.
Specialties: Crime Mysteries, Cryptography, Life, Riddles, Verbal, Visual.

· Student: You can complete a jigsaw puzzle.
·· College: You can guess the outcome of a mystery novel.
··· Masters: You can solve a Rubik's Cube in an hour.
···· Doctorate: You find three correct answers to every riddle.
····· Scholar: You understand the deepest mysteries of life and the universe.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 144)

This knowledge represents the character's understanding of faerie magic and lore. It can be used when creating oaths or working enchantments, or even to create new Arts. Gremayre gives a character essential comprehension into the in depth workings of all things relating to the Dreaming.

Possessed by: Scholars, Sorcerers, Changeling kings and queens.
Specialties: Oaths, Cantrips, Enchantment, Glamour, the Dreaming.

· Student: You grasp only the most simple concepts of faerie magic.
·· College: You can tell one cantrip from another.
··· Masters: You understand many of the inner workings of Glamour.
···· Doctorate: You are well on the way to discovering lost Arts.
····· Scholar: You know the deepest secrets of the Dreaming.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 145)

Whether your character is tracking down a lost relative or investigating a crime scene, this knowledge allows her to recognize potential clues and know the procedure for procuring information and records. It provides the ability to procure evidence, perform forensic analysis and predict crime patterns.

Possessed by: Detectives, Insurance investigators, Intelligence agents, Reporters.
Specialties: Criminal Psychology, Document Research, Forensics, Serial Killers, Trailing.

· Student: You are an amateur detective.
·· College: You are a police officer.
··· Masters: You are a private detective.
···· Doctorate: You put Mulder and Scully to shame.
····· Scholar: You would impress Sherlock Holmes.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 145)

This trait deals with knowledge of legal rights, jurisprudence and jargon. A high level in law does not necessarily mean that the character is certified to practice law. Many criminals and lay people have learned about the judicial system through self study or personal experience.

Possessed by: Cops, Court clerks, Criminals, Detectives, Legislators.
Specialties: Kithain Laws and Customs, Court, Contract, Criminal, Defense, Divorce, Litigation, Police Procedure, Prosecution.

· Student: You have some practical knowledge, of you've watched Court TV.
·· College: You studied pre-law, or used to sit in on court.
··· Masters: You are an established lawyer, or have made serious study.
···· Doctorate: You could sit on the bench.
····· Scholar: The next Supreme Court seat could be yours.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 145)

Languages supplemental to your character's native language must be purchased through this knowledge. Each level of linguistics allows your character to speak another language fluently. It also gives the character an understanding of general linguistics and the structure of the language. With this ability, your character can attempt to identify accents or read lips.

Possessed by: Diplomats, Interpreters, Scholars, World travelers.
Specialties: Curse Words, Diplomatic, Perfect Accent, Slang, Technical.

· Student: You speak one additional language.
·· College: You speak two additional languages.
··· Masters: You speak three additional languages.
···· Doctorate: You speak four additional languages.
····· Scholar: You speak five additional languages.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 145)

Every supernatural group within the World of Darkness hoards its secrets from the others. Lore provides for your character's knowledges of a particular 'hidden' subculture or organization, such as the Kindred, Garou or Mages. When you purchase lore for your character, you must name which subculture that lore is in. You may purchase lore as many times as you can afford. For example, Mage lore and Kindred lore are considered separate traits, and each type of lore is treated as its own knowledge. Likewise, knowing about mages does not necessarily entitle to know about vampires; each lore type must be bought separately. Listed below is a sampling of variations which you can choose when detailing your lore trait. This is not a comprehensive list, and your storyteller has the final approval of any lores not mentioned. Changeling lore provides your character with specific information and details from changeling history. Dreaming lore offers and understanding of the Dreaming, its properties and landscape. General occult lore refers to knowledge related directly to mortal cults, religious practices, and mystical beliefs, such as voodoo, black magic and mysticism.

Possessed by: Mentors, Mystics, Scholars, Spies.
Specialties: Changeling, Dauntain, Dreaming, Garou, General Occult, Mages, Wraiths, Vampires.

· Student: You possess dubious and sketchy information.
·· College: You are confident in your knowledge... you think.
··· Masters: You know some concrete details.
···· Doctorate: You leaned some things that weren't meant to be known.
····· Scholar: An expert, you may be considered a liability by the subjects of the lore.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 145)

Medicine is the study of the human body and the various techniques used to cure its ills. This knowledge incorporates an understanding of the structure and functions of the body, the uses of medicine, and the diagnosis and treatments of diseases. Many methods exist for treating patients, including acupuncture, aromatherapy, homeopathy, chiroparactics, medicinal herbalism and standard medical practices. A character may specialize in any of these fields or assume an overall understanding of many healing methods. Medicine also implies a certain understanding of pharmaceuticals.

Possessed by: Doctors, Health food fanatics, Hypochondriacs, New agers, Nurses, Paramedics, Pharmacists.
Specialties: Bedside Manner, Diseases, Emergency, Homeopathy, Neurosurgery, Pharmaceuticals.

· Student: You can perform first aid and know techniques for stress relief.
·· College: You could work as a paramedic.
··· Masters: A doctor, you can diagnose and treat.
···· Doctorate: You are a specialist, such as a surgeon.
····· Scholar: You have renowned healing abilities.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 146)

An understanding of Kithain politics is essential for any changeling involved in the machinations of court. This knowledge represents a familiarity with the political structure of the day, including an understanding of who is in charge and how that person got there. It also relates to mortal politics, and can be extremely useful when dealing with mortal authorities.

Possessed by: Courtesans, Lawyer, Lobbyists, Nobles, Politicians, Protesters.
Specialties: City, Congress, Heraldry, Neighborhood, Seelie Court, Unseelie Court.

· Student: You are on the peripheral or a casual observer.
·· College: You are a gossipmonger or a political science major.
··· Masters: You are an activist or serve in city politics.
···· Doctorate: You serve as a baronial advisor or have a seat on the Senate.
····· Scholar: You are a court historian; Machiavelli would be impressed.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 145)

The knowledge of science quantifies your character's understanding of the basic sciences: physics, chemistry, botany, biology, geology, astronomy and others. In particular, it defines the useful application of science to make things. A general expertise in all fields is considered applicable to levels one through three. Once your character has four dots, she should specialize in a particular field.

Possessed by: Engineers, Inventors, Pilots, Researchers, Technicians.
Specialties: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Nuclear Physics, Relativity.

· Student: You can make smoke bombs with a chemistry set.
·· College: You understand the major theories and applications of science.
··· Masters: You could teach high school science classes.
···· Doctorate: You might win a Nobel Prize one day.
····· Scholar: You rival Einstein.
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