Seelie Houses

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House Dougal
(Changeling: Second Edition, pp. 106-107; Noblesse Oblige: The Book of Houses, pp. 9-31)

The members of this house are perfectionists known for their technical acumen. Lord Dougal, the founder of the house, was a great faerie smith who devised a way to weave Glamour into steel, making it safe for faeries to use. Some say that Lord Dougal himself stayed behind on Earth during the Interregnum because of his fascination with metalwork and machines. Members of this house are very precise, both in word and deed. When a plan is made, they insist that it be carried out to the letter. Efficiency is considered the highest of virtues. Very few of them rule, preferring instead to make sure everything runs like clockwork. Because of their orderly disposition, they often work as clerks and barristers, although they perform their tasks with an intellectual flair. The rare member of House Dougal who does rule usually governs his fief in a very matter-of-fact, practical manner, but tends to deal with problems better in theory rather than in practice. This ideal of perfection puts them at odds with many other fae. Few can live up to their expectations, which tends to make these sidhe even more elitist. They take their amusements far too seriously. Higher mathematics, mechanics, architecture and smithwork are common vocations for them. They're no strangers to hard work, and they firmly believe that 'if you want something done right, you've got to get House Dougal to do it'. Their penchant for precision also presents a curious weakness. When witnessing a well-maintained machine or masterpiece in engineering, they can become enraptured. Some attain a state of reverie and can contemplate such things for hours. The blazon of House Dougal is or, an arm embowed maintaining a hammer sable on a chief gules three cogwheels ( Three gold gears on a red field above a black arm and a hammer on a gold field )

Boon: Members of this house are strongwilled and known for their ability to invest Glamour into everything they do. Once per story, a member of this house can convert a portion of her temporary Glamour points into temporary Willpower points ( up to the level of permanent willpower ). This must be done during some sort of physical exertion: working, exercising or participating in combat.

Flaw: Physical reality seems flawed to these fae, just as they are flawed. Only through hard work can they overcome these flaws. Sidhe of this house always have a physical handicap that must be compensated for. This is usually something that can be corrected by cunningly crafted smithwork: a mechanical leg for a club foot, an intricate eyepiece for poor vision, and so on. These handicaps are present, though not always visible, in their mortal seemings.
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House Eiluned
(Changeling: Second Edition, pp. 107-108; Noblesse Oblige: The Book of Houses, pp. 33-53)

This house has always been tainted by the scandals of its founder, Lady Eiluned. As the creator of the so-called 'House of Secrets', she conspired with many dark and mysterious beings and powers to gather magical knowledge. Although many now work as counselors or advisors for the Seelie Court, some whisper that Eiluned will eventually become an Unseelie house. Regardless, sidhe of this house seem to enjoy the best of both Courts. Eiluned sidhe are valued for their extensive occult knowledge, their uncanny ability to gather secrets and their preternatural talent for intrigue. Fiefs ruled by this house are filled with mystery. There are accusations that House Eiluned voluntarily accepted exile on Earth as punishment for their horrible and forgotten crime. Members of the house counter that their Seelie affiliations prove they are innocent. This doesn't prevent Eiluned sidhe from falling into their Unseelie Legacies, however. Eiluned sidhe know darkness as well as they know light. When a sidhe from this house needs to work with treacherous or unscrupulous characters to gather secrets, they are capable deliberately becoming Unseelie until they get what they want. This state must last either from moonrise to moonrise or sunset to sunset. If the changeling doesn't get the secret they lust after, they cannot become Seelie again until the truth is learned. Their blazon is per chevron, sable and argent, two decresents and a pentacle counterchanged. ( Two silver crescent moons on black above a black pentacle on silver )

Boon: All members of this house have an impressive talent for magic. All cantrips cast by Kithain of the House Eiluned automatically gain an automatic success.

Flaw: Members of this house have an overwhelming curiosity and are attracted to mysteries and conspiracy. An Eiluned must spend a point of Willpower to avoid meddling in a mystery or becoming involved in a plot. Some even have a treacherous streak, briefly becoming Unseelie to form a dark alliance and then turning Seelie to prove their innocence. The Kithain distrust many of them; the difficulties of all their Social rolls are increased by one.
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House Fiona
(Changeling: Second Edition, pp. 108-109; Noblesse Oblige: The Book of Houses, pp. 55-77)

Sidhe are creatures of extremes, and the nobles of House Fiona are no exception. Lady Fiona and the sidhe of her house stayed on Earth during the Interregnum so that they could continue to explore its pleasures. Some even sat that the house's founder rejected the call of Arcadia because of the love of a mortal man. This would not be surprising in the least; Fiona thoroughly immerse themselves in Earthly pleasures. Fiona sidhe are overly fond of food, drink, drugs and sex, and are often called away from higher pursuits by appeals to their baser needs. Anything that gives them a rush is fine with them. When the chance to indulge presents itself, they descend into their Unseelie Legacies until their lusts are slaked. These reckless nobles continually flirt with disaster. They love to taunt the status quo, even going so far as to aid their enemies to bring about a little discord. Still, when called upon to fight, this passion takes a different focus; Fiona fae are fierce warriors who live for the fury of battle. The thought of dying in battle and tempting fate by fighting recklessly fuels this passion even more. More often than not, each member lives by his own rules and his own code of honor. Theirs is also the most accommodating of all houses. Fiona rarely pull rank on commoner Kithain. For this reason, its members are beloved by the commoners and fiefs ruled by House Fiona are happy ones, if a bit on the wild side. The blazon of House Fiona is gules, a lion passant reguardant argent. ( A silver lion walking on a red field, looking back over its shoulder )

Boon: Defiant to the last, Fiona sidhe are renowned for their great courage. Though they understand fear, it does not control them, even in the face of death. Any attempt, natural or magical, to generate fear in them automatically fails. Only threats to a lover's life can frighten a Fiona, and they often succeed very well.

Flaw: Sidhe of this house have an overpowering attraction to danger. Even if the object of their pleasure is somewhat safe, they can find a way to make it dangerous. This is especially true of their romantic trysts, which are usually epic and almost always tragic. Creatures of pure ethereal beauty, they tend to fall in love with outlaws, strangers, wanderers, mortals and other 'unacceptable' types. Often such loves become true and complete passions that cannot be denied. Some of them overcome this Flaw, but only by becoming hateful towards all romance. The most tortured become obsessed with preventing it from occurring to anyone they know.
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House Gwydion
(Changeling: Second Edition, p. 109-110; Noblesse Oblige: The Book of Houses, pp. 79-105)

This house is perhaps the most 'noble' of all the houses. While others retreated to Arcadia long ago, the Gwydion sidhe chose to face the Sundering head-on. Gwydion sidhe believe that their lord and founder has been reborn again and again as a noble sidhe. He is said to have been resurrected as a paladin serving Charlemagne and a major-general serving Napoleon. Rivals swear that he must have aided Machiavelli as well. Members of this house are conservative, duty-bound Kithain who place the well-being of their kingdoms above their own. Unfortunately, they let everyone know this. Their rule is often marked by extreme arrogance and they categorically state that only members of their house are fit to rule. From there, each member of House Gwydion proceeds to state that she is more fit to rule than her brethren. The internecine feuds that result can only be halted by one thing: a threat from outside the house. The members then band together to prove the superiority of House Gwydion. When the threat ends, its back to business as usual. Their anger, like their rivalry, is legendary. When confronted with something that offends their honor, they have been known to go berserk. Furthermore, when a fae of House Gwydion is presented with a rival that he cannot overcome, he becomes Unseelie until he can find some way ( any way, no matter how base ) in which he can triumph. Once triumphant, he returns to his typical Seelie arrogance. The blazon of House Gwydion is vert, a falcon maintaining an oak leave or ( A gold falcon, facing left, with a gold leaf in its beak, wings raised, legs splayed, against a green field. )

Boon: With a successful Perception + Kenning roll, members of House Gwydion can sense if someone is telling the truth; the difficulty is the subject's Willpower. For some reason ( perhaps by an ancient pact ), members of House Eiluned are immune to this.

Flaw: Although they are great warriors, sidhe of this house are prone to great rages. Whenever they reach the Wounded Health Level ( from either chimerical or physical damage ), or when their honor is insulted, they must make a Willpower roll ( difficulty 5 ). Those who fail fly off into a berserk rage and attack anyone near them, ally or enemy. While berserk, they ignore all Health Level penalties until they reach Incapacitated.
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House Liam
(Changeling: Second Edition, p. 110; Noblesse Oblige: The Book of Houses, pp. 107-129)

The quietest ( and some say the wisest ) of all the house founders, Lord Liam was exiled to Earth for his eloquent defense of mortal folk. Centuries ago, the earliest Kithain held a great contempt for humans. Many saw them as the cause of rapidly spreading Banality, and some argued that revenge against them would remove this curse from the world. For many years, Liam stood alone against those who argued for retribution against humans. The outrage against Lord Liam was so great that all who supported him were condemned by the High Lords of Arcadia, and his followers were exiled to Earth. Members of this house don't see humans as perfect - far from it. They do, however, believe that humanity has earned the right to exist undisturbed. They fiercely despise Ravaging and Banality; their peaceful demeanors can turn wrathful when they encounter such. Kithain of House Liam do not advertise their allegiance. Other houses revile them, although Gwydion sidhe will not allow Liam sidhe to be mistreated. Exiles or not, they're still sidhe. Despite their secrecy, House Liam is the most widespread house, and its members travel all over the world. Liam sidhe serve as sages, loremasters and storytellers who remember earliest fae societies. House Liam can rarely rule openly, but they do accept just about any changeling under their banner. Despite this, even the most common changeling would never accept a title in the house. They do quietly hold claim to some territories, but many of these are barren and despoiled by urban fiefs. Liam's blazon was struck and discredited when the house was exiled. The symbol has since been erased from all faerie records, although certain members of Liam still possess shields displaying the heraldry of the house: an oak tree blasted and eradicated, argent ( A silver oak tree with bare branches and exposed roots on a bare field )

Boon: Liam sidhe find it easy to affect mortals with Glamour. The difficulty to affect any mortal ( whether casting a cantrip or enchanting ) is always lowered by one.

Flaw: Because of their mortal affiliations, Liam sidhe begin with one extra point of permanent Banality. Furthermore, these sidhe are known as oathbreakers. No other changeling will honor their oathbonds, hospitality or justice. Liam fae are frequently the target of discrimination.
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