Fae Marks

Enchanted Blood | Geas | Inherited Frailty | Iron's Curse | Mark of the Blood | Ravaged

Enchanted Blood (1 point Flaw, Enchanted pg. 80)

Your blood carries some of the essence of Glamour in it, meaning that vampires who drink from you suffer the same effects as drinking the vitae of a changeling: temporary enchantment and possible madness.  This makes you a curiosity for some Kindred and desirable to a Malkavian who is looking for some ‘quick inspiration’ that can be taken from your blood.
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Geas (1-5 point Flaw, Enchanted pg. 80)

You are under some kind of geas at the beginning of play, most likely a Ban, but possibly a long-term quest.  This geas may be a family curse or duty that you have inherited, or it may have been imposed on you by a changeling using the Sovereign Art.  The difficult of the geas determines how great a flaw it is.  Something minor, such as a Ban against harming animals or a requirement to give occasionally to charity would only be worth one point.  More difficulty geasa are worth more points.  A five-point geas is something that rules your entire life, like a Ban against sleeping in the same place more than one night or a quest that requires you to render aid to anyone in need you encounter.  The Storyteller decides the exact value of whatever geas you choose.
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Inherited Frailty (5 point Flaw, Enchanted pg. 81)

As part of your fae nature, you have inherited the Frailties of your heritage.  This makes a pooka kinain a compulsive liar, or causes a satyr kinain to suffer from Pan’s Curse.  In the case of sidhe kinain, this Flaw is the same as the Sidhe’s Curse flaw.  The storyteller is encouraged to enforce the effects of your Frailty, and some Frailties may cause serious problems for kinain in mortal society.
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Iron's Curse (2 point Flaw, Enchanted pg. 81)

You are as sensitive to cold iron as a true changeling.  Contact  with cold iron causes you pain and discomfort, resulting in a +1 to all of your difficulties when you are touching it.  You are unable to use Glamour while in contact with cold iron, and you cannot gain Glamour (through enchantment or Rapture) while in contact with it.
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Mark of the Blood (1-5 point Flaw, Enchanted pg. 81)

Your fae heritage manifests itself in some obvious physical characteristic based on your heritage.  This may be one of the existing physical or supernatural Flaws listed in the Player’s Guide, like Huge Size, Short, Changeling’s Eyes or the like, or it may be some new physical change or deformity.  A one-point Flaw is fairly noticeable, like a slight blue cast to your skin, bright red hair, pointed ears, or eyes of an unusual color.  This is a clear sign to anyone who knows something of changelings that you are kinain or a changeling in a mortal seeming.

A five-point Flaw is a serious physical deformity that requires almost constant explanation, like a pair of horns on your head, cloven hooves instead of feet, brilliant blue skin or the like.  Anyone who knows anything about the fae will know you are one, and mortals will look at you strangely, requiring some kind of creative explanation on your part concerning your ‘deformity.’
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Ravaged (2 point Flaw, Enchanted pg. 81)

You were Ravaged by a changeling at some point in your past, stripping you of the Glamour of your fae heritage, which you have yet to recover.  You begin play with a temporary Glamour score of zero, regardless of your starting permanent Glamour.  You may gain Glamour normally as any kinain would, but you will not have any initial Glamour to use for cantrips or Fae Gifts, making it unlikely you would have learned how much about either (unless you have a gift that does not require Glamour to use).

You may well be embittered about your experience, especially if it was your only contact with the fae.  You may also strongly desire to find a way to gain new Glamour, throwing yourself into some creative endeavor seeking Rapture or even becoming a Dreamer or another changeling to inspire, although this is less likely, given your previous experience with the treacherous fae.
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