Chimera Character Creation

Step One: Character Concept


- Character Name

- Sentience (Sentient or Non-Sentient)

- Type (Crafted, Dreamed, Forged, or Incidental)

- Determine Chimera Point value (Based on Chimerical Companion Background, or awarded by Storyteller)

Step Two: Select Attributes

Attributes for Chimera start at 0, and some may remain there. An example of this would be Appearance, allowing for a monsterously ugly Chimera. Non-sentient Chimera might not have Social traits at all. On the other hand, Attributes for these otherworldly beings can sometimes exceed the human peak of 5.

1 Chimera Point purchases 3 dots to assign to any one category (physical, social, or mental.)


- Physical Traits:
-- StrengthDexterity | Stamina

- Social Traits:
-- CharismaManipulation | Appearance

- Mental Trails:
-- Perception | Intelligence | Wits

Step Three: Select Abilities

Chimera may have almost any Ability that can be possessed by changelings or other creatures in the World of Darkness.  If a person can dream of someone doing something, then a chimera can do it too.  A chimerical duelist may be just as good with a sword as the best changeling warrior.  A sentient chimera may be a great, original artist.  Chimerical  Abilities do not usually exceed the human maximum of 5, but potent chimera from the Dreaming may surpass the most talented of humans in skill.

1 Chimera Point purchases 3 dots to assign to any one category (talents, skills, or knowledges.)


- Talents

- Skills

- Knowledges

Step Four: Select Tempers


- Willpower

Willpower suffuses a sentient chimera’s Glamour, giving it independent purpose and direction.  Sentient chimera need Willpower to fuel certain Redes.  Nonsentient chimera do not have Willpower.  Chimera regain Willpower at one rate of one point per day.

3 Chimera Points purchases 1 dot to assign to Willpower.

- Glamour

All chimera have some Glamour, or they would cease to exist.  Most only have a few points, while legendary creatures from the Far Dreaming and Deep Dreaming may have almost limitless dream power.  Chimera cannot regain Glamour while in the mundane world unless they visit a freehold, are given it by a changeling, or have the Steal Glamour Rede.  Chimera regain on Glamour an hour in the Dreaming.

1 Chimera Point purchases 1 dot to assign to Glamour.

- Health Levels

Physical chimera have a very real substance to those in, and of, the Dreaming.  Kithain can destroy chimera through ‘physical’ chimerical means.  A chimerical sword draws blood, and a chimerical fire burns chimera and changeling alike.  This damage may force changelings into their mortal seemings, but it destroys chimera.

The penalties applied for losing wound Levels is exactly the same for changelings until the chimera exceeds seven health levels.  One past this point, the Storyteller may decide the effects of additional  Health Levels.

1 Chimera Point purchases 2 Health Levels. Health Levels are limited to five times the Chimera's Stamina score.

Step Five: Finishing Touches


- Redes

- Banes (Function as Flaws.)
Note: A Chimera may not exceed 12 total Bane Points.