Chimera Banes

● Enmity (Dreams and Nightmares, p. 124) The chimera has an intense dislike for a creature or thing.  While it might not automatically attack, the chimera severely distrusts the object of its enmity (+3 difficulty to all Social rolls and interactions).

Bane Points: 2

● Ferocious Beast (Dreams and Nightmares, p. 124) This bane is similar to the Riadstradh Rede, but the chimera has no control over its frenzies.  At any unexpected moment (even in relaxed, noncombat situations), the chimera could flip out.  He receives +2 to all attack rolls, and the frenzy lasts three rounds. However, the chimera is protected from wound penalties only at the first tier of -2 wound level.  If the chimera suffers any further damage, ful wound penalties take effect, even if the chimera is still berserk.

Bane Points: 2

● Glamour Pact (clarification) (Dreams and Nightmares, p. 124) This Rede works to a changeling’s disadvantage when placed in a chimerical object.  Therefore, players who design their Forged or Crafted objects with Glamour Pact, may treat it as a Bane, instead of a Rede.

Bane Points: 3 (for Forged or Crafted chimera only)

● Jingle-Geasa (Dreams and Nightmares, p. 124) Once a day, the chimera must sing a little song involving its True Name.  He can choose to sing it quietly or an isolated place, but the song must contain the True Name, and it must be obvious in the song that this appellation of the character’s True Name (see the tale of Hop o’ my Thumb or Rumpelstiltskin).

Bane Points: 3

●  Riddle Game (Dreams and Nightmares, pp. 124-125) The chimera is bound by the ancient rules of the riddle.  Any riddle or puzzle inexorably draws the chimera’s attention, and he applies his full attention to the solution.  He will not engage in any further activity until the riddle is solved.  Furthermore, chimera bound by this bane must ask potential opponents to solve a riddle before they engage in combat.  If the opponent wins the riddle-game, the chimera must concede to his opponents wishes or suffer 6 damage to Health Levels (opponents who ignore the riddle and attack the chimera can be engaged in combat with no fear of harm).  All chimera bound by the riddle-game must first attempt to win the game before entering combat with a prospective opponent (most chimera with this bane possess high scores in Enigmas and Mythlore).

Bane Points: 2, if bound when only asked a riddle; 4, if the chimera must challenge opponents to a riddle before engaging in combat.

● Token (Dreams and Nightmares, p.125) The chimera needs to use a physical object or material to activate a particular Rede.  Often, the victim must touch or ingest the token to engage the Rede’s effect.

Bane Points: 1

● Uncontrolled Redes (Dreams and Nightmares, p. 125) The whimsical, unexpected nature of the Dreaming is apparent in the chimera.  At inopportune moments, the chimera’s Redes activate, especially near areas of high Glamour.  While the Redes do not drain the chimera’s Glamour pool, the chimera cannot direct the Redes in any way.  To possess this Bane, the Chimera must have at least one Rede.

Bane Points: 1 + 1 per 2 Redes the chimera has.

● Vulnerable Spot (Dreams and Nightmares, p.125) The chimera has a faintly detectable flaw in combat that a canny opponent can use to her  advantage, should she notice it.  It could be a weakness in armor or a favoring of one side over the other.  An opponent who searches for the flaw (he must announce that he is looking for it to roll) and achieves 3 or more successes on a Perception + Melee (or Brawl) roll, difficulty 8, detects the flaw and gains +2 dice to inflict damage and -1 difficulty to hit for the next three rounds.

If the opponent achieved 5 or more successes (or detects the spot supernaturally), the opponent sees an opening to inflict a mortal wound.  For the next round only, she gains double damage dice and -2 difficulty to hit.  After that round, the opponent receives the standard bonuses for perceiving the flaw.

Bane Points: 2

●  Warding (Dreams and Nightmares, p. 125) The chimera is restrained by a simple ritual, charm, or token.  It might be a copper nail, horseshoes over a doorway, or tying red ribbons in knots.  If the charm is placed over a doorway or on a threshold, the chimera cannot pass through until the charm is removed.  Chimera avoid such charms, and if forced to touch one, they receive a point of damage for each round of physical contact.  The charm must be specified when the bane is purchased.  Iron cannot be used as a charm.

Bane Points: 1