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Physical Attributes

(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 136)

This Trait measures brute strength. It represents your character's ability to lift, carry loads, and cause physical harm. A person with a high Strength rating is usually larger and bulkier than someone with a lower rating. In brawling and melee combat, your character's Strength Trait is added to her damage Dice Pool.

Specialties: Lifting, Long Jumping, Strong Grip, Sustained Carrying

· Poor: weakling, lift 50 lbs., carry 20 lbs.
·· Average: normal, lift 100 lbs., carry 50 lbs.
··· Good: athlete, lift 250 lbs., carry 125 lbs.
···· Exceptional: weight-lifter, lift 400 lbs., carry 200 lbs.
····· Outstanding: Olympian, lift 650 lbs., carry 300 lbs.
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 136)

This Trait measures general physical prowess, speed, quickness, and agility. It indicates your character's capacity for moving precisely and with grace. Dexterity includes hand-ey coordination, fine motor manipulation, reaction speed, reflexes, and finesse.

Specialties: Catlike Reflexes, Fleet-Footed, Flexible, Light Touch, Steady Hand, Sure-Footed, Swift

· Poor: butterfingered, clumsy, inflexible, accident-prone
·· Average: ordinary, unrefined, passable, fair
··· Good: natural grace, coordinated, flexible, agile
···· Exceptional: athletic, gymnastic, trained, dexterous, professional
····· Outstanding: awe-inspiring grace, gold medalist, surgeon's touch
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 136)

Stamina measures general health, pain tolerance, and endurance. It determines your character's staying power, both physical and mental. Two of its most important elements are the will to live and downright stubbornness.

Specialties: Determined, Enduring, High Pain Threshold, Tireless, Tough

· Poor: sickly, frail, wimpy, vulnerable, fragile
·· Average: moderately healthy, confident, consistent
··· Good: resistant, sound, hearty, robust, sturdy
···· Exceptional: steadfast, resolute, committed, determined
····· Outstanding: hell-bent, unyielding, relentless, do-or-die
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Social Attributes

(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 136)

This Trait measures your character's magnetism and natural charm. It represents her aptitude for enticing, bewitching, and captivating others without having to try. Charisma determines whether others like and trust your character.

Specialties: Amusing, Confidant, Diplomatic, Eloquent, Persuasive, Trustworthy

· Poor: wallflower, dull, boring, lackluster, uninspiring
·· Average: friendly, agreeable, inoffensive, tolerable
··· Good: trusted, fun, gregarious, genial, pleasant
···· Exceptional: magnetic, alluring, persuasive, winsome
····· Outstanding: irresistible, commanding, compelling, captivating
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pp. 136-137)

This Trait measures your character's ability to get results when attempting to force, cajole, or trick another person into doing something. Manipulation works on friends and foes alike, though it may be more difficult on the latter. If your character fails her attempt to manipulate someone, the target may well realize what was happening and become angry. No one likes to be manipulated.

Specialties: Cunning, Deceitful, Glib, Patient, Persuasive, Subtle, Underhanded

· Poor: reserved, innocent, taciturn, submissive
·· Average: bluffing, socially adept, evasive, swindling
··· Good: devious, slick, resourceful, eloquent, crafty
···· Exceptional: influential, scheming, calculating, maneuvering
····· Outstanding: puppeteering, controlling, Machiavellian, conspiratorial
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 137)

This Trait covers measures more than just physical beauty. Any physical feature -- animation, expressiveness, cuteness, vulnerability, etc. -- that others find enticing could be considered part of your Appearance. It can be vital in some situations, for like it or not, we're all influenced by the way people look The Appearance Trait is often used to determine first impressions.

Specialties: Bold Demeanor, Fragility, Glamourous, Sex Appeal, Style

· Poor: homely, undesirable, unsightly, repulsive
·· Average: plain, unnoticeable, inconspicuous, dull
··· Good: attractive, pretty, comely, appealing
···· Exceptional: alluring, delightful, beautiful, seductive
····· Outstanding: awe-inspirin, bewitching, gorgeous
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Mental Attributes

(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 137)

This Trait covers everything from searching for something to picking up on the subtle details in the environment and intuitively putting them together to come up with a reasonable assumption. Perception determines your character's sensitivity to the world around her. Often it includes her use of insight to understand what she perceives.

Specialties: Detail-Oriented, Empathic, Intuitive, Keen-Eyed, Paranoid, Sharp Hearing

· Poor: oblivious, insensitive, self-absorbed
·· Average: awake, curious, alert
··· Good: watchful, wary, observant, attentive
···· Exceptional: sensitive, discerning, perceptive, intuitive
····· Outstanding: vigilant, instinctive, presentient, clairvoyant
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pp. 137-138)

This Trait measures raw mental processes: memory, retention, judgment, reasoning, understanding, and critical thinking. It represents your character's ability to learn and think, and it caters to carefully reasoned judgments rather than snap decisions. Low Intelligence can indicate a character who lacks the capacity to understand complicated issues and learns very slowly, whereas a high Intelligence character is a sophisticated savant capable of evaluating many different levels of an argument or problem. A character with high Intelligence can often discern truth from lies, or at least when she has time to think things over.

Specialties: Creative, Discerning, Logical, Pragmatic, Scholar

· Poor: IQ 80, slow, confused, simple
·· Average: IQ 100, unimaginative, studious, thoughtful
··· Good: IQ 120, smart, quick, rational, cognitive
···· Exceptional: IQ 140, ingenious, logical, discerning
····· Outstanding: IQ 160+, genius, brilliant, erudite
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(Changeling: Second Edition, pg. 138)

The Wits Attribute describes your character's ability to react quickly and correctly in pressing or stressful situations. It indicates her overall sharpness of mind and cleverness. A character with a low Wits rating, like the veritable "deer in the headlights," may be easily caught off-guard, tricked, or surprised. Those with a high Wits rating are seldom waylaid by sudden changes.

Specialties: Clear-Headed, Clever, Insults, One Step Ahead, Survival

· Poor: gullible, dull-witted, absent-minded, easily distracted
·· Average: slow, lagging, sluggish, lackadaisical
··· Good: flexible, reactionary, impulsive, quick
···· Exceptional: shrewd, direct, extemporaneous, sharp
····· Outstanding: instinctive, spontaneous, immediate, pre-emptive
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